How To Sell Your House Fast At A Premium Sale Price

Accurate real estate information you'll need, all from one place, quickly.

The following combination of independent real estate advice, services and checklists has proven to help sell houses much faster for a decade.

When the pressure is on to sell your house quickly, knowing how to go about it is a dilemma faced by thousands of time-deprived sellers every day. 

1.  Where do I start?

2.  How much it will cost me?

3.  How can I get the best sale price?

4.  Which real estate agent or company should I trust to sell my house?

5.  What questions should I ask real estate agents?

6.  What due diligence do I need to do?

We specialise in helping you to do your due diligence and answer these questions within minutes of you making contact. Get In Touch, it's a free service.

You might find this one page chart about the whole real estate process keeps it quick, simple and risk free - use it like a checklist.

With professional Real Estate Advice, Agent Finder NZ can quickly assist you to sell your house fast and at a price that you are happy with. 



Agent Finder Express quickly provides you with everything you need, conveniently from one place including:

-   A short list of vetted, competent real estate agents tailored to you, your location and property type - you review and decide

-   What to look out for in real estate appraisals

-   Selling Home Tips about negotiating fees and commission

-   What questions you should ask a real estate agent 

-   Quick Links to the most reputable due diligence resources about tax, legal advice, title documents, valuations, how to negotiate with buyers and more

-   Real Estate Industry guides about methods of sale and signing contracts that protect you

-   Property advice for an emergency home makeover if you need one

-   Where to get the most accurate property valuations 



The statistics below have proven, that when a home seller uses our Sell Smarter Kit to plan a sale within four weeks from going live online, they not only sell faster, they sell for optimum sale prices. 

If you don't have time to digest the Kit and need our help get in touch now. We aim to respond immediately.

When you contact us, we will ensure you will be properly informed with accurate information, quickly, giving you an advantage over other home sellers with competing properties for sale.


Being time-deprived often leads to taking risky short cuts and higher levels of dependency on a real estate agent to 'take care of everything'. This comes with risk.

The value of quickly knowing you have a professionally vetted real estate agent, who has met stringent vetting criteria across five categories, is being reassured that your due diligence has been done.

This vetting combined with other need-to-know, accurate information you should have, helps you minimise risk and sell much smarter.

We help you cut through the abundance of fragmented real estate information and get it all from one place. Protecting you is what we do.

We aim to reply to all inquiries immediately. 

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