Using an objectively vetted real estate agent is undoubtedly the safest way to choose the right agent to sell your property and it's a genuine free service. Vetting real estate agents is what we do.

We have given thousands of Kiwis transacting annually $340M worth of property, greater confidence to choose the best real estate agents to sell their homes, investments, apartments and lifestyle blocks. 

Finding trustworthy real estate agents and information can be a scramble, so we research and liaise with Government and non-Government bodies to make navigating the real estate process seamless and less stressful and time-consuming.

Our vetting system is based on stringent criteria which objectively establishes capability and competence to determine the best real estate agents to sell your property type, in your price range and location.

To do this, we use over 20 indicators across four categories then from those who meet our criteria, you can compare the agents on the tailor-made shortlist we provide and from there, make a decision.

In 2018 we received the following APAC award for the quality of our service. Get in touch.


Agent Finder NZ has raised the industry standard of real estate services for our clients. Conducting real estate agency work competently goes beyond agents simply holding a real estate licence because it's relatively easy for anyone to become a real estate agent.

Many clients have confided in us about prior real estate experiences about matters related to poor or insufficient communication, upsetting tenants, taking liberties, applying undue pressure to - list, reduce the formerly agreed sale price, agree to a method of sale not preferred, not consulting or getting their approval for marketing decisions prior to going live and witholding information to name just a few examples. 

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When selling a home, you will pay the same amount of commission and fees whether you list with a competent real estate agent, an average agent, one who is newly qualified or worse, not competent for today's market and economic challenges. How would you really know this?

This is something we can also advise you about.



When you make contact we objectively vet real estate agents then send you a shortlist so you can compare them in a detached way using our:

  • comprehensive questionnaire with which to interview them.
  • advice on real estate commission and fees.
  • guides to signing agency agreements and sale and purchase agreements.
  • information about the different methods of sale.
  • advice on what to look out for in property appraisals and more.
  • information about your legal obligations.

We have the benefit of a 10-year national overview and a different perspective solely to help New Zealanders prosper from their property sales. Read some of our many reviews that prove their experiences have been positive. 

Request your shortlist of vetted real estate agents to compare objectively now.

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