Using an objectively vetted real estate agent is undoubtedly the safest way to choose the right real estate agent to sell your property in today's challenging market.

Vetting and shortlisting real estate agents along with giving due diligence advice is what we have been doing since 2009. We have given thousands of Kiwis greater confidence to choose the best real estate agents to sell their homes, investments, apartments and lifestyle blocks. It's a free service and the results have been outstanding.

Trish Willis founded the concept of vetted agents in New Zealand in 2009. Our system is based on stringent criteria which objectively establishes capability and competence to determine the best real estate agents to sell your property type, in your price range and location. From this, vendors can compare the agents on the tailor made shortlist we provide them and from there, make a decision.

In 2018 we received the following APAC award for our service.

A real estate agent once asked me "how come you know so much about real estate?' and my answer was "how come you don't?"  This was not a one-off. Some real estate agencies have admitted using some of our website resources for staff training. We have a different perspective solely to help New Zealanders prosper from their property sales, so the more widely used, the better.

When selling a home, you will pay the same amount of commission and fees whether you list with a competent real estate agent, an average agent, one who is newly qualified or worse, not competent for today's market and economic challenges. How would you really know this? That is why we are here.



When you make contact we objectively vet real estate agents then send you a shortlist so you can compare them in a detached way using our:

  • comprehensive questionnaire with which to interview them.
  • advice on real estate commission and fees.
  • guides to signing agency agreements and sale and purchase agreements.
  • information about the different methods of sale.
  • advice on what to look out for in property appraisals and more.
  • information about your legal obligations.

Finding this and other real estate information can be a scramble, so for over a decade we have also been liaising with Government and non-Government bodies to make navigating the real estate process seamless and less stressful and time-consuming. But ultimately we are here to help you achieve the best result price-wise and experience-wise. 

Agent Finder NZ has become a leading, independent property hub.

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Agent Finder NZ has raised the industry standard of real estate services to home sellers above and beyond agents simply holding a real estate licence - because it's relatively easy for anyone to become a real estate agent.

When selling a home you will pay the same amount of commission and fees whether you list with a top agent, an average agent, one who is newly qualified, or worse - not competent. Today's challenging market and economic conditions means there are fewer buyers so which property agent you choose to get you the best outcome is crucial.

Helping you to do your due dilgence and manage risk is all part of what we do. 



Real Estate Agent Vetting - The Detail

Agent Finder NZ uses over 20 indicators across five categories and from this vetting process, we create and send you a shortlist of real estate agents proven to be most competent, tailored to your property, location and situation. There is no one size fits all.

When it comes time to ask an agent to provide an appraisal, you will have greater confidence in the knowledge that they have been vetted. This means your focus can be on comparing the shortlisted agents and their recommendations without pressure or obligation to list with them.

Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents

Our comprehensive Agent Questionnaire is widely used and covers everything you should be informed about before signing an agency agreement. It will help you have greater confidence to objectively choose the very best real estate agent to sell your home, someone assessed as well above average who can reach the largest qualified home-buying audience specific to your property and negotiate an optimum sale price.

Real estate agents must meet our unique and stringent competence criteria, a standard unparalelled in New Zealand real estate. 



Selling real estate in today's market is more complex so using real estate agents who meet our criteria can make a big difference to your end result.

If you are an experienced real estate investor or property seller 

With knowledge of the house selling process, you know the value of doing your due diligence and using a real estate agent who has been proven to be competent.

But with time often in short supply, thousands of Kiwis like you use Agent Finder NZ to objectively vet real estate agents.

Request a shortlist and information to start your due diligence, quickly if needed.

If you have little or no experience selling a property

The sale of what may be your biggest financial asset is not to be gambled with, but many do, often unknowingly due to inexperience.

As a long established and independent body of all real estate brands, we will ensure you have a greater advantage over others with competing properties for sale.

"Our agent was everything you said! So friendly, professional and took the time to listen and guide us through the whole process. I will definitely be recommending your service to any friends or colleagues that intend to sell their properties in the future. 

Thank you so much for your part in this sometimes stressful endeavour, selling a family home.  You offer a great service, thank you again". P Gallear

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While Agent Finder NZ vets and shortlist real estate agents for you, you can focus on your due diligence - there is plenty to cover.  

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