Updated July 4, 2022 - Professional vetting establishes the best licensed real estate agents and agencies in Auckland. It is the most reliable way to establish the competence you deserve and is a genuine free service for NZ vendors.

12 years of vetting real estate agents throughout the Auckland region using our stringent criteria has well proven to help vendors consistently achieve outstanding results.

Our system of vetting real estate agents has made a significant difference to sale prices achieved and how long it takes to sell a property or business compared to the national average.

The right method of sale combined with the required competencies of your real estate agent are what will help attract multiple offers, more quickly and achieve the best sale price in today's market.

Request a shortlist of vetted real estate agents to compare - call 0800 789 532 or send a quick enquiry.



Real estate agencies in Auckland each have different policies, agent recruitment and training systems, standards and expectations of customer service and property marketing and advertising.

Their real estate commission and fees also differ. This is something we can also help you with.

Purchasers' situations are often more challenging than a vendor's so both the real estate company and the agent will matter to you when selling a property or business.

You may have a house in Auckland that is zoned for development and want to know about selling to developers. We have a lot of experience helping connect our clients to specialists in this field. 

Our stringent method of vetting from a pool of around 6800 Auckland real estate agents is well-proven. It removes doubt and risk from the outset and has helped many Kiwis prosper beyond their expectations from their property sales.

Use this overview of real estate commission and fees to get you started.



Once you request our service, we can quickly proceed with vetting real estate agents tailored to your business or property type, value and location. 

For example, you may be selling a house from abroad, selling a rental property or portfolio of rentals. Your property may be in the luxury market or be a farm, a business or a lifestyle block that you think needs marketing abroad to ex-pats moving home.

Whatever your situation, we adapt our service and vet real estate agents accordingly. Call 0800 789 532 to talk to us.

When preparing to sell a property in Auckland, Agent Finder NZ can help take a lot of pressure off. 

Request a shortlist of real estate agents to appraise your property or business first.



When preparing to sell a house in Auckland, use the following resources prior to signing any agency agreement with a real estate agent. 

  • Our real estate agent questionnaire will help you to objectively compare real estate agents from the shortlist of vetted agents we email to you. These questions to ask can be very telling.
  • You will be clear about what to look out for in your comparative market appraisal so you can identify any information gaps or issues with the sale price recommendation or method of sale.
  • You will be able to estimate how much real estate commission and fees you should pay.
  • We can guide you through the real estate rules and conduct related to signing a legally binding agency agreement, a sale and purchase agreement and everything in between.
  • If you are also buying a property, we can provide you with a thorough 'buying a house checklist' that protects you.
  • We can confirm your zoning under the Auckland Unitary Plan if required - call 0800 789 532 to find out now.

Choosing a real estate in Auckland (or any other place in New Zealand) can be complex. Choosing an unsuitable real estate agent can be a costly affair and create a long drawn-out experience. This is not the time to 'give someone a go' at selling your property.

Using our comprehensive, awarded service and resources will give you confidence to proceed (quickly if needed) with optimism rather than dread - you will be on the front foot and more likely to achieve a prime sale price. 

A real estate agent should be proven competent before you list with any real estate agency.

Agent Finder NZ Awards:

  • Best Estate Agent Vetting Service 2018

  • Wise Up NZ Awarded Most Reputable Property Advice Hub 2020

  • Agent Finder NZ Awarded Best Property Advice Hub NZ 2021

  • Agent Finder NZ Publications

If you need a shortlist of vetted Auckland real estate agents to compare or want to discuss your sale in confidence, call 0800 789 532/send an email. We're here to help and it's a free service.

Page updated July 4, 2022 by Trish Willis, Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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