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The safest way to choose the right agent to sell your Auckland property, is to objectively compare vetted Auckland agents from a tailored shortlist.

We specialise in identifying the best real estate agents using a stringent criteria and tailor this to your property type, Auckland suburb, price range and situation - all at no cost - in fact, we founded the concept in 2009.

Since then, we have helped New Zealanders transacting more than $324M worth of real estate.

Who you select as your real estate agent to sell what is likely your biggest asset comes with risk, so you need to be sure that your choice of real estate agent is based on competence and best practice standards, in the Auckland property market.

Objective vetting of real estate agents to identify the most exemplary, is exactly what we do - all at no cost to you as a seller.

Lift your expectations of real estate agents

The Covid-19 restrictions and impact when selling a house in Auckland means you should now lift your expectations of what defines a competent real estate agent to sell what is likely your biggesst financial asset.

You will find that real estate agents that meet our stringent vetting criteria, will ensure you engage an agent proven competent. Many of our clients have told us that our service combined with vital information took a lot of pressure off. It includes:

  • Our real estate agent questionnaire will help you to objectively compare real estate agents from our shortlist sent to you. Knowing what questions to ask can be very reassuring.
  • You will be clear about what to look out for in your comparative market appraisal so you can identify any information gaps, issues with the sale price recommendation or method of sale
  • You will be able to estimate how much real estate commission and fees you should pay
  • Because of Covid-19, you may be asking yourself 'when is the best time to sell your house'?

Using this specialist real estate agent vetting service combined with our comprehensive resources, will give you confidence to proceed with optimism, rather than dread - you will be on the front foot and more likely to achieve a prime sale price.

Selling real estate in Auckland or any other place in New Zealand can be complex and choosing the wrong real estate agent can be a costly affair. This is why Agent Finder NZ was originally created.

If you're just starting the process of selling your house and looking for real estate agents during Covid-19 era, you will find our 5-Step plan will help you know where to start, given the Government restrictions.

If you're under pressure to find the best agent in Auckland to sell your house quickly, request a shortlist now or call 0800 789 532


It is relatively easy to become a real estate agent in New Zealand but real estate agency work requires a high level of industry, legal, technical and compliance knowledge but this is often underestimated by home sellers.

In our opinion, establishing who the best real estate agents in Auckland are, isn't defined by how many properties they sell, but rathermore the quality of service and results they achieve for their vendors. 

Whilst your property may be straight forward to sell, your buyer's situation may not be. Getting a property sold after the sale and purchase agreement has been signed is often the most testing part of the process and your real estate agent's capabilities should be exemplary.

Our stringent criteria comprises of 20 indicators across five categories certainly establishes who those best real estate agents are and it works.

Check out some of our real estate agent reviews - all vetted and shortlisted by Agent Finder NZ.

We also equip you with information to help you make properly informed real estate decisions throughout the whole process of selling your house, from signing a legally binding agency agreement to the sale and purchase agreement. If you are also buying a house, we can provide with a really thorough checklist.

We provide all this at no cost to you and there's no obligation, the choice is entirely yours.



Our model of vetting property agents clearly establishes those most capable in the industry, the ones who achieve the best real estate results for our clients.

That means achieving optimum sale prices, selling houses quickly (if under pressure for time) and having a satisfying real estate experience.


As this client recently wrote:

I was over the moon with the sale price we achieved, but more importantly the whole real estate process has been stress free! We found our real estate agent to be outstanding in his professionalism.
Thank you so much for recommending him to me... I was beginning to think that I was going to have a bit of a nightmare on my hands with after spending a week talking with some other real estate agents who were selling in the area.
Thank you for your agent recommendations. Jo.

With all the choice and varying standards among Auckland real estate agents, we sincerely advise that you do not leave it to chance. Let us help you.

Agent Finder NZ is the safest way to choose a competent real estate agent in the current Auckland market - all at no cost. 

Free phone 0800 789 532

Article Updated May 2020 by Trish Willis

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