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Finding the best real estate agent in Auckland to sell your house, apartment or investment when there are 366 companies and over 6700 agents to choose from is no small task. But we can help, because that's what we specialise in.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or have no experience at all selling a house, we will provide you with greater confidence by vetting, shortlisting and helping you to choose the most suitable Auckland real estate agent for your property type and particular location - all at no cost to the seller. 

You are also welcome to use our advice about how to save on commission and fees.

Who you select as your real estate agent to sell what is likely your biggest asset comes with risk, so unless you have a lot of experience with selling properties, you need to be sure that your choice of real estate agent is based on competence and best practice standards - including accurate real estate appraisals. Also knowing what questions to ask a real estate agent when you meet with them can be very reassuring.

Selling real estate in Auckland or any other place in New Zealand can be complex and choosing the wrong agent can be a costly affair. This is why Agent Finder NZ was created in 2009.



We specialise in vetting real estate agents using a criteria, to help you choose the very best Auckland real estate agent in your location, tailored to you and the type of property you are selling.

We also equip you with information to help you make properly informed real estate decisions throughout the whole process of selling your house, from signing a legally binding agency agreement to the sale and purchase agreement. You'll know how to keep real estate commission and fees to a minimum and how to compare real estate agents properly by knowing what questions to ask, the ones that matter alot.

We provide all this at no cost to you and there's no obligation, the choice is entirely yours.

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Our model of vetting property agents clearly establishes those most capable in the industry, the ones who achieve the best real estate results for our clients.

That means achieving optimum sale prices, selling houses quickly (if under pressure for time) and having a satisfying real estate experience.

There is no one size fits all in real estate which is why we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the best real estate agent with the competencies, experience and wisdom you need, the one who goes beyond minimum best practice real estate under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, and who reaches the largest home buying audience for your property, value and location.

Independent vetting of real estate agents has proven to be the most reliable and safest way to find the very best real estate agents in the industry.

As this client recently wrote:

I was over the moon with the sale price we achieved, but more importantly the whole real estate process has been stress free! We found our real estate agent to be outstanding in his professionalism.
Thank you so much for recommending him to me... I was beginning to think that I was going to have a bit of a nightmare on my hands with after spending a week talking with some other real estate agents who were selling in the area.
Thank you for your agent recommendations. Jo.



With the help of Agent Finder NZ as New Zealand's impartial and most comprehensive information provider of real estate information for property consumers, you will feel more optimistic about embarking on the sale of your house.

Your property is likely to be your greatest financial asset.

With all the choice, not to mention varying standards among Auckland real estate agents, we sincerely advise that you do not leave it to chance.

Let us help you.

Agent Finder NZ is the safest way to choose a competent real estate agent in the current Auckland market - all at no cost. 

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Article Updated September 9, 2019 by Trish Willis

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