Given the value of your property, the process of interviewing real estate agents well, to choose the right one, is vital.

To help you with this, we have designed an Agent Questionnaire for our clients to use which goes beyond the normal questions people ask.

There have been over 1800 complaints lodged with the real estate authority over the last three years and using the questionnaire prevents you from going down this path.

Although you may be interviewing vetted real estate agents from different companies, they will each offer different services, costs, appraisals, recommendations and approaches. 

Once we have short listed and referred vetted real estate agents to you, we then provide you with the Agent Questionnaire to help you interview them thoroughly.

This has been very telling for many home sellers and will quickly establish just who the right agent is for you, your property type and location.

The questions in this downloadable pdf, help you to probe for a greater level of information than what is normally sought. 

The Agent Finder questionnaire has been specifically designed to help you to:

-   Make properly informed decisions when signing agency contracts

-   Choose the most suitable vetted real estate agent from a shortlist

-   Negotiate commission, fees and advertising expenses

-   Check you have an accurate valuation by your real estate agent

-   Achieve an optimum sale price, in your area and price range

-   Sell within four weeks 

-   Make it hard for neighbouring properties for sale to compete with yours

-   Have a satisfying real estate experience 


The Questionnaire has been developed from experience, research and customer feedback, protecting and empowering you to get information from agents that is often overlooked.

The old saying 'you don't know what you don't know' is very relevant when it comes to real estate. Most people sell infrequently but even savvy investors appreciate our questionnaire and other insights.

This questionnaire goes beyond any others we have seen and helps you to do your due diligence, more quickly. It takes the pressure off.

Agent Finder can provide you with a complete package of real estate information and advice to get you started - it's a free, bespoke service.

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