These recommendations will help to sell your house quickly when the pressure is on for time. 

There's never been a better time for doing so with house sale prices at a record high and a shortage of property listings for sale. Buyers are competing for fewer properties making it a definite seller's market.

When all combined, the following recommendations will help you create buyer competition and optimise your sale price - fast. 


1.   Choose your real estate agent objectively

A quick house sale at a prime sale price demands real estate agent competence, tenacity, integrity, attention to detail, dedication and a professional who does not take their eye off the ball at any stage for the duration of your property listing.

This is not the time to 'give someone a go' at selling your house. 

Why agent tenacity and attention to detail matters 

Once a sale and purchase agreement is signed, the period between that date and the unconditional date is often the most demanding part of the process for a real estate agent. Not all agents can manage this effectively when the going gets tough - which it often does. 

If conditions are not met within the timeframe, the sale can fall over. 

Choosing a real estate agent objectively from a vetted shortlist who have met our stringent criteria will help you sell your house more quickly.

We have been vetting real estate agents for 10+ years. We know what to look for and what to avoid in an agent - and what resources you'll need to get your house sold fast.

Request a shortlist of vetted, competent real estate agents to appraise your property.

Your shortlist will also include industry resources to help sell your house quickly and diligently. For example:

  • What to expect and what to avoid in real estate appraisals and marketing plans.
  • Methods of sale options which will differ in effectiveness for locations, price ranges and property types. 
  • How much it costs to sell a house which includes tips for negotiating real estate fees and commission.
  • Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent to establish their suitability for you and your property.
  • Quick links to government and non-government resources pertaining to property tax, legal advice, title documents, building inspections and property valuations.
  • Real estate guides on signing agency agreements, sale and purchase contracts and approving your marketing plan.

We cannot stress highly enough that the real estate agent you choose will determine how quickly you can sell, the price you obtain and your overall experience.

We can provide all this quickly, so you can focus on steps 2-4 below. Ask for help.

2.   Have property documents ready

A fast house sale means having important documents ready up-front to prevent time delays following buyer enquiries.

Doing so can prevent conditions being added to sale and purchase agreements which can slow sales down by weeks.

What documents to start collating if you can:

  • All legal documents such as council property information, insurances, titles, easements, covenants, plans and maps.
  • If you are selling a lifestyle block you may have water bores, survey plans, council developments plans and shared entranceways.
  • If selling an apartment, you will require minutes of meetings from bodies corporate or other management structures.
  • Property valuations and building inspections up front can provide real estate agents with leverage when negotiating a sale price.

A property information pack with this type of information pre-empts buyer questions, satisfying their need for detail quickly when their interest is at its peak.

If you can't find everything you need, don't worry - we can direct you to the right sources if needed.

3.   Settle on your house sale price range 

Real estate agents are required to enter a price range into websites so your property will show up to buyers searching within that range and location.

This should be agreed and not assumed.

To get this right, a comparative market appraisal is conducted by your real estate agent which is primarily based on recent historical sales for similar properties in your location and applied to current market conditions. 

But most people know that many real estate agents will over-estimate a property's worth to gain your listing, then start reducing the price. This is why choosing your agent objectively is so important. 

Incorrectly priced properties have been proven to delay the speed of property sales. Many won't sell, and conflict between a vendor and their real estate agent is inevitable. 

Want to know what houses have been selling for in your area? Just ask - we'll email it to you.

4.    Repairs + home staging will help sell quickly

Home Staging combined with repairs and maintenance will help sell your house faster.

Having repairs and maintenance done prior to going live online can prevent the need for sale and purchase conditions and issues showing up in building inspections - these can create time delays or turn buyers off because another house was better.

With regards to home styling, real estate agents have consistently reported over the years that home staging a house with existing or hired furniture can add 10-15% onto a sale price.

Doing your own styling costs next to nothing and can make a significant impact on the quantity of online viewers - your potential buyers and how quickly your house might sell.

Many people tell us "I wish I'd found your service last time I sold a house", so make sure you get all the free help and advice you need from us.

To get started - request a shortlist of vetted real estate agents now. 

Article updated July 12, 2021 | Trish Willis


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