Protect yourself with comprehensive advice and resources that have helped sell houses, apartment blocks, units or lifestyle blocks quickly for over a decade. 

We are dedicated to protecting home sellers, all at no cost and most especially when under pressure to sell quickly.

Decisions made at times like this can be regretted with the choice of real estate agent often being 'the biggest regret'. You're literally handing the value of your asset over to a real estate agent to manage on your behalf, so helping you manage risk, quickly, is what we do.


You'll find our fast response, impartial, bespoke advice, the vetting of real estate agents and due diligence resources will streamline the whole process so you can make properly informed decisions, quickly, from beginning to end.

An example is knowing about real estate commission and fees or important questions to ask real estate agents so you can compare them quickly but objectively. 

Many people tell us 'I wish I'd found your service last time I sold a house'.

You may have purchased an additional new property or have a job transfer. Whatever the reason requiring you to sell your house quickly, you can call 0800 789 532 or send an inquiry now



We have been vetting real estate agents (for free) for Kiwis selling properties of all types and values throughout the country for ten years. We use over 20 indicators across five categories to establish a shortlist, tailored for you, so you can compare the best real estate agents without pressure and choose the one who you believe will get optimum results. Using our Agent Finder Questionnaire can really empower you when interviewing agents.

Engaging a real estate agent who you feel comfortable with and confident in selling your property is paramount. 

Request A Shortlist of Vetted Real Estate Agents - while we do this, you can get other jobs done.



Originally written for Kiwis who have little experience selling a house or any other property type, this Kit is packed with advice and tips all geared for selling your house fast, at the optimum sale price.

Download Sell Smarter Kit

You don't know what you don't know and if you're light on experience and time, the Sell Smarter Kit can be a lifesaver, plus you can save a small fortune in real estate costs.

It is the combination and sequence of steps in this Kit combined with our independent advice and tips when starting the real estate process, that changes how vendors approach selling a house quickly. 

Following the formula has been a major contributor to receiving such glowing customer reviews from people who have sold their houses quickly.

As L McKenzie wrote: "Thank you for having such a fantastic site. It was so good to get advice and your help. We feel sure we were able to give the process due diligence knowing we were working with good agents who met your criteria."


A word of warning

We often get asked for a 'top real estate agent' but be very careful about what constitutes a 'top real estate agent'.  Any real estate agent can label themselves a 'top agent' and some real estate companies award this status for revenue contribution to the real estate company.

What it doesn't prove, is their competence in negotiating the best sale prices for their vendors.

We have rescued many home sellers from the services of a top real estate agent found on a list or recommended by a friend because no two properties or vendors are the same. One size does not fit all.



We have proactively engaged with Government and non-goverment agencies for a decade because there are many resources from multiple sources that many people won't know is available. We have streamlined and centralised this specifically for home sellers like you which includes:

  • Where to find out how much your house is worth
  • Will you need to pay tax?
  • What to look for in property appraisal
  • What method of sale will be best, for example, auction, deadline sale, priced or by negotiation?
  • Where to find legal advice
  • What to know about signing an agency agreement with a real estate company

... and so much more that protects you.

Request An Agent Shortlist first or Phone 0800 789 532 for more information - we're here to help and it's a genuine free service.


Article Update September 9, 2019 by Trish Willis

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