Whether selling a house, an apartment, investment or a lifestyle block, we can vet and shortlist the best real estate agents, making it the safest way for you to choose the right property agent to sell what is likely your biggest asset. Agent Finder NZ is a genuine, bespoke and independent service, all 100% free and nationwide.

In 2009, Agent Finder revolutionised the real estate agent finding process for home sellers by creating a stringent vetting criteria. This enables us to quickly establish the competency levels of licensed real estate agents in your location.

Agent Finder has raised the industry standard of services to home sellers which goes above and beyond agents simply holding a real estate licence. Check out our reviews.

When selling a home, you will pay the same amount of commission and fees whether you list with a top agent, an average agent, one who is newly qualified or worse, unreliable. Helping you to do your due dilgence and manage risk is all part of what we do. Get In Touch.



Real Estate Agent Vetting

Agent Finder NZ uses over 20 indicators across five categories and from this, creates you a shortlist of the most competent real estate agents tailored to your property, location and situation.

You can then compare the agents without pressure or obligation using our 'questions to ask real estate agents'. This questionnaire will give you greater confidence to objectively choose the very best real estate agent to sell your home. Someone assessed as well above average who can reach the largest and qualified home-buying audience specific to your property, and negotiate an optimum sale price.

Real estate agents must meet our unique and stringent competence criteria, a standard unparalelled in New Zealand real estate. 

When You Contact Us

  • You will receive a shortlist of independently vetted real estate agents who meet our competence criteria for your property.
  • You can use our Agent Questionnaire to help interview, compare and select the right real estate agent for you.
  • You will receive important guides about getting real estate appraisals and the signing of legal contracts, at the time you most need them, to protect you.
  • You can ask for advice about selling your home, negotiating commission and fees or anything that is concerning you.
  • We have numerous checklists for various parts of the real estate process.




Selling real estate is often complex so using real estate agents who meet our criteria can make a big difference to your end result.

If you are an experienced real estate investor or property seller 

With knowledge of the house selling process, you know the value of doing your due diligence and using a real estate agent who has been proven to be competent.

But with time often in short supply, thousands of kiwis like you, use Agent Finder NZ to objectively vet real estate agents to get your due diligence done, quickly. Get In Touch.

If you have little or no experience selling a property

The sale of what may be your biggest financial asset is not to be gambled with, but many do, often unknowingly due to inexperience.

As a long established and independent body of all real estate brands, we will ensure you have a greater advantage over others with competing properties for sale.

We guide you from the 'thinking of selling' stage right through to the signing of a sale and purchase agreement. Get In Touch 



While Agent Finder vets and shortlist real estate agents for you, you can focus on your due diligence using our buying and selling checklist. This checklst centralises the most reputable information available from multiple agencies all geared to protect and inform you every step of the real estate process.

Additional, optional and also at no cost. we offer a whole menu of real estate information designed to help you sell your home at an optimal sale price, save thousands in expenses, protects you and saves hours of your time. Examples include:

# Advice About Paying Commission And Fees

# What To Expect In A Real Estate Appraisal

# Buying and Selling A House Checklist

# Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents And How To Compare Appraisals

# How To Add Value And Price Your House For Sale

# Real Estate Contract Guides And Legal Resources 

The whole purpose of Agent Finder NZ is to empower you, to do your due diligence thoroughly when selling a home. We are the only, independent and and free service established to help kiwis do this. Get In Touch Now.



-   Get connected to the most competent real estate agents and companies 

-   Reach the largest and most serious home buying audiences for your property type and location

-   Benefit from listing with proven negotiators who can reach optimum sale prices

-   Receive high standards of agent conduct and service from a real estate agent

-   Avoid unexpected costs or problems - we leave nothing to chance for our clients

"Our agent was everything you said! So friendly, professional and took the time to listen and guide us through the whole process. I will definitely be recommending your service to any friends or colleagues that intend to sell their properties in the future. 

Thank you so much for your part in this sometimes stressful endeavour, selling a family home.  You offer a great service, thank you again". P Gallear

Days on market for 2016-2017 are measured from day one live on line, to the date of sale.



Many property sellers believe that real estate agents who sell the most properties must be the best.

Talk to use first to find out more about this and how you can choose a real estate agent based on competence rather than volume.

We can also provide you with resources to help you make informed decisions such as the importance of your first week on the market which attracts more interest than any other day during your advertising campaign.

If you are thinking of selling and want some help getting started - call free 0800 789 532 - it's a free service.

Real estate agents cannot log in to our service and self promote.



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