In cooler months, beautify indoors

There have been numerous studies and statistics published on which is the best month to sell a house.

February and September for example, can often have more buying activity occurring but there are also a lot of houses competing against each other.

Contrary to public opinion, winter can actually be a good time to list, as there are fewer houses competing for buyers' attention. 

For many, the gardens are often less spectacular at this time of the year so if that's the case, focus on making the presentation inside your home as beautiful as possible.  

You can do this at no cost by decluttering and putting your investor hat on.  

Remember, you are creating a buyer's house, not a seller's house.

Due diligence is your best friend

The last nine years at Agent Finder have taught us that people have sold their properties successfully throughout the year.

In fact the biggest influence is not the season but:

  • your choice of agent
  • their performance
  • your decisions and
  • what you do (or don't do) to prepare your home. 

Get the highest price possible

Only due diligence will put you in the best position for the highest selling price, in the best time frame, any month of the year.

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Updated June 20, 2017

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