The 10 Most Important Facts To Be Aware Of Before Getting Free Appraisals:

1.   When selling a property, all your decisions will depend on the quality of your real estate appraisal. It is the foundation from which everything else is built.

2.   Having an accurate (or inaccurate) property appraisal is the one thing that determines how well or poorly you will do from the real estate process. Find out more about how to choose a property appraiser first.

3.   Property appraisals must be provided to you in writing and any recommendations must be backed up by sound data and a property inspection to enable you to make fully informed decisions. If in doubt, or you don't agree with the price range recommended, get a property valuation by a licensed valuer. 

4.   One of the bigger industry problems is that many real estate agents over-estimate property values in appraisals to entice sellers to list with them. If it sounds too good to be true it might be.

5.   It has been proven that sellers who achieve the best sale prices rely on realistic property appraisals provided by proven competent real estate agents, who then target marketing to aim for more. Buyers will often pay more for a house they love so find out how to optimise the value of your property..

6.   The Sell Smarter Kit is completely geared to empower sellers to achieve optimal sale prices and appraisals are an important part of the formula.  Here you can find out how much real estate commission should you pay.

7.   Succumbing to undue pressure by real estate agents often results in disappointment, price reduction pressures, a long drawn out sale timeframe, or no sale at all. 

8.   The Real Estate Agents Authority has made 'undue pressure' a conduct issue worthy of complaining about and addressing.

9.    A verbal appraisal is never acceptable and not legal. We recently heard of a real estate agent using comparative sale prices that were listed with their company which is not an objective or reliable method of establishing how much your house is worth in our opinion. 

10.  Day one live on line is the most important day of your marketing campaign, so having an accurate price range from the get-go is imperative. Find out why here.

Whether you are selling a house, an apartment or a lifestyle block, it is most often your biggest investment that is on the line, so this information will guide you well. 



If you need to sell your property quickly but want an optimum sale price, you will find the same day Express Service the safest way to find a vetted, competent real estate agent who you can rely on. It's also a free service.

You can also get advice about real estate commission and fees or get anything else you need. It's a one-stop-shop for real estate sellers to streamline the whole process, minimise stress and save time. 

Request a shortlist of vetted real estate agents and include some details about your property type and location first. We always aim to reply immediately.

There is no one size fits all in real estate which is why our tailored advice will put you at a greater advantage over other sellers with competing properties.



Ultimately we all want the best sale price and the higher the price range recommended by an agent, the more attractive an appraisal will be. Due diligence at this point is not to be missed.

When your agent presents you with your appraisal, check the sales and property types your agent has used to compare your property with in the area, but allow for the uniqueness or qualities your property has to offer. Does it stack up? 

Before you start contacting real estate agents, it is important to understand what the property appraisal process involves.

Property sellers are entitled to expect a free property appraisal to be prepared with integrity, good data and based upon relevant information. It's important to review the appraisal data carefully, so tell the agent you want more time to review their appraisal information and will come back to them. Don't be pressured to list there and then. 



  • An independent market valuation by a registered valuer, based on an inspection of the property is the most reliable way to establish a sale price combined with
  • A comparative market appraisal (CMA) by a real estate agent. This is free to get done but expensive if it's incorrect so only get a CMA from a vetted real estate agent

Here at Agent Finder NZ, we can recommend to you, two to three real estate agents from different companies that have been vetted and short listed for you and your property type. Each agent can provide you with a free, comparative market appraisal to get you started.

From there, you can then decide if you want to get a full valuation or not.

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Article updated February 20, 2020 by Trish Willis 
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