When you set out to find a real estate agent, it's important to ensure they have a current licence before you sign an agency agreement.

In New Zealand it is illegal to carry out real estate agency work without a licence. 

Checking whether an agent is licensed is one of the checks we make as part of our free real estate agent vetting service, so feel free to contact us for help.

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You might think any of the negative real estate stories we hear about won't happen to you, but, as an example, between one recent three year period over 1300 complaints were made about real estate agent work to the Real Estate Authority (REA) - so things do go wrong regularly.

Each year, agents must renew their real estate licence with the REA but occasionally some don't and their registration lapses. 

This is just one of the checks required to ensure your real estate experience will be of a high standard.

We have been vetting real estate agents since 2009 so we have invaluable insight into what goes in to achieving an optimum sale price, quickly. We select agents based on 20+ indicators across five categories to ensure that the free short list of agents we recommend to you are the best in the industry for your type of property in your location.

Agents can specialise in different property types, whether a house, apartment, lifestyle property, luxury property and so on. 

No matter where you are in New Zealand, or your property type, we can help. Contact us or phone now on 0800 789 532.

Article updated May 11, 2021 | Trish Willis

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