Agents must have a current licence

Check your agent is licensed

If you have signed an agency agreement with an agent and their real estate company, you must ensure that their licence is current.  

This provides you with greater protection should things go wrong.

You might think this won't happen to you, but, as an example, between one three year period over 2000 complaints were made - so things do go wrong regularly.

The Real Estate Agents Authority

Each year, agents must renew their real estate license with the industry authority, the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA), but occasionally, some don't and their registration lapses. 

If it is discovered that your agent's license was not current during the period of your agency agreement, the Real Estate Agents Authority can only deal with the issue of them providing real estate agency services without a licence.  

This is just one of the checks required to ensure your real estate experience will be of a high standard.

We can help you navigate the complexities of the real estate experience.

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Updated June 21, 2017

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