How long will it take to sell your house?

The following 14 tips are a wake-up call about 'what not to do' - things to be aware of before you start the real estate process so you can sell in a short time frame for the best price.

Ignore these facts and you will risk not selling at all or selling at snail's pace and likely for a disappointing sale price.

If you are under pressure and selling quickly is your priority, Agent Finder Express can help.


Why properties sit on the market

Reasons why properties sit on the market for long periods or don’t sell at all can be many, a few examples include:

  • Going into the sales process thinking ‘let’s put it on the market and see what happens’.
  • Determining your sale price by the size of your debt.
  • Not using an accurate valuation to base your price range range on.
  • Handing your home over to an agent because they put a flyer in your letterbox - without really knowing about their conduct or if they are competent price negotiators or marketers.
  • Selecting an agent based on commission discounts and high valuation tricks, rather than a proven selection criteria.
  • Accepting what appears to be the ‘cheapest marketing’ option, resulting in false economy and a lot of lost sleep.
  • Thinking a real estate brand alone, a high-profile agent, or one with lots of listings will protect you.
  • Not having the courage to admit that your house may not ‘WOW’ a high number of property browsers.
  • Using poor quality photography to show your home to the world.
  • Taking a “well, it’s my home and I still have to live in it” stance to home presentation.
  • Assuming your price range excludes the need for creating a buyer’s house (not a seller’s house).
  • Not assuming buyers will have a criteria list for their new home.
  • Assuming Home Presentation is only for cluttered and disorganised homes.
  • Spending more time planning birthday parties and weekends away than selling your biggest investment.

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Updated August, 2017

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