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The most effective way to objectively find the best real estate agent to sell your property at an optimum sale price is to use a vetted real estate agent proven to be competent.

Our service and vendor resources are geared specifically for the purpose of helping you do your due diligence, quickly if necessary, to have a satisfying real estate experience and result - all at no cost.

We can provide you with a shortlist of vetted real estate agents who meet our stringent criteria along with a robust list of questions to help you establish the best fit for you, your property type and location.

Agent Finder NZ was awarded Best Estate Agent Vetting Service in New Zealand. We provide a bespoke service, adjusted as necessary for the wide variety of property types our clients have.

We offer not only vetting of real estate agents but also the latest guides, resources and advice as requested, depending on your experience or need for specific information. There is no place for luck when selling a house in New Zealand. 

Vendors often want to know is how much real estate commission will cost first. Find out here.


Every home seller's situation, need to sell timeframe, property type, structure, legal description, location and sale price range requires a tailored approach by a competent real estate agent, one who you can genuinely rely on to look after your best interests.

Here at Agent Finder NZ, we specialise in establishing competence, good conduct and above average standards of real estate service for home sellers. Each year, Kiwis with a combined property value of around $340M entrust us to vet real estate agents on their behalf. You can see their many reviews of Agent Finder NZ here and find out how Agent Finder NZ is a free service here.

We use over 20 indicators across four categories to establish a qualified shortlist, tailored to you and your property. Request A Shortlist Of Vetted Agents Now  



From the moment you start thinking about selling a house and getting real estate appraisals to signing a sale and purchase agreement and then meeting conditions of a sale, there are multiple legal documents to be interpreted, including clauses added or deleted. These need to be checked, signed, amended, re-signed and more.

There may also be a long list of conditions that need to be met within a tight timeframe.

Not surprisingly, most people have no experience with this kind of complex transaction which also involves a lot of money - for many people it will be the largest transaction they have ever made. 

This allows room for unwittingly poor decision-making at the various steps along the way, from choosing a competent real estate agent to deciding on the best method of sale, deciding on a price for your property, approving marketing and advertising and reaching New Zealand's largest home buying audience.

Selling a house has become more complex and legally binding, and in Agent Finder NZ's experience, most people are short on time and are likely to put themselves at risk by short-cutting the due diligence process.



1.  We'll provide you with a short list of vetted real estate agents who meet our stringent criteria, tailored to you, your property and location.

2.  You then review the shortlist and decide if you wish to interview the agents - there's no obligation, it is entirely up to you.

3.  You can use our Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent which will help you acquire more information than you would otherwise so you can compare and make a properly informed decision about who the best agent is.

4.  We also provide you with the most reputable information from authorities on commission and fees, legal advice, real estate appraisals, tax and property valuations.

If this sounds like the help you need, contact us now


Choosing the wrong real estate agent is often the result of a decision made under time pressure.  Having recognised this is an issue for people, we have an express service to help you get things moving quickly.

If urgency is needed, fill in our online form now. Tell us about your property and location, and request a shortlist of suitable, vetted real estate agents quickly. 



How New Zealanders select real estate agents to sell their homes never ceases to amaze us, considering the money that's at stake.

The financial and emotional security you get with a vetted real estate agent is incomparable to the risk of gambling on an agent who put a flyer in your letterbox, a friend of a friend, or worse, one who knocks on your door promising you an amazing sale price if you list with them. 

Selling your home with the very best real estate agent, combined with being properly informed changes everything - your sale price, the time it takes to sell and the quality of your experience. 

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of complaints are made to the Real Estate Authority each year for reasons such as non-disclosure, conflicts of interest, misquoting or being misleading. 

Don't take any risks -  good decisions are far more reliable than good luck.

 If you're thinking of selling now, give us a call. It's a genuine free service and you are under no obligation. Contact Us First | Free Phone 0800 789 532

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