The safest way to find the best real estate agent to sell your property is to have them objectively 'vetted and proven competent' - a genuine free service that has been available to New Zealand vendors for over 11 years. 

Knowing that your real estate agent has been professionally vetted is very reassuring when there are so many to choose from and there is such a lot at stake.

Every home seller's situation, timeframe, property type, structure, legal description, location and sale price range requires a tailored, professional approach by a competent real estate agent, one who you can genuinely rely on to look after your best interests.


Selling your home, an apartment, a lifestyle block, a rental property or one zoned for developoment with the very best real estate agent, combined with being properly informed changes everything:

  • The quality of your property appraisal which is the foundation for all your subsequent decisions
  • The method of sale used to optimise your sale price (there is no one size fits all properties)
  • The quality of advice you receive from your real estate agent
  • How much commission you will pay (scroll to find out more about commission and fees)
  • The time it takes to sell your house
  • The quality of your real estate experience

Request a shortlist of vetted real estate agents now - this is a genuine free service NZ-wide


From A Legal Perspective:

From the point of obtaining real estate appraisals to signing a sale and purchase agreement and then meeting conditions of a sale, there are multiple legal documents to be interpreted and clauses to be added or deleted. These need to be checked, signed, amended, re-signed and checked again.

There may also be a long list of conditions that need to be met within a tight timeframe although longer timeframes are more common in 2022 to allow more time for both home sellers and purchasers to move.

You need to be confident that the information being provided to you about these documents is correct and delivered in a timely fashion. 

From A Communication Perspective:

You also need to be able to rely on written and verbal information about the property given to you as questions you ask can be answered by text, email or by phone.

Non-disclosure is one of the leading reasons for formal complaints made to the industry authority and many go unreported. The consequences of non-disclosure can be life changing.

When comparing real estate agents, it's important to factor in the reliability of their communication with you.

From An Experience Perspective:

Most people have little or no experience with real estate transactions which involves a lot of money - for many people it will be the largest transaction they have ever made. 

Inexperience allows room for unwittingly poor decision-making at the various stages from choosing a real estate agent to appraise your property to deciding on the best method of sale, being happy with the recommended sale price range, approving marketing and advertising and reaching New Zealand's largest home buying audience in the current market.

Selling a house has become more complex and legally binding, and in our experience, most people are short on time and are likely to put themselves at risk by short-cutting the due diligence process.

The need for proficiency when selling a house is great but standards across the real estate indusry vary. Agent Finder NZ is a safeguard that thousands of New Zealanders have used, many more than once.

If you would like to discuss your property in person first, call 0800 789 532 - we're here to help.


Choosing the wrong agent is often the result of a decision made under pressure for time or pressure from a real estate agent hell-bent on 'getting your listing'. 

Having recognised this is an industry issue for people, we have an express service available to help you get things moving quickly but diligently, although our service is most often provided the same day we are contacted anyway.

If urgency is needed, fill in our online form now or start a Live Chat. Tell us about your property and location, and request a shortlist of suitable, vetted real estate agents quickly. 

Find the best real estate agent to sell a house

Don't take any risks -  good decisions are far more reliable than good luck.

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Article updated January 16, 2022 by Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)
Agent Finder NZ awarded Best Estate Agent Vetting Service 2018 and Best Property Advice Hub New Zealand 2021 - APAC New Zealand.
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