Beware of automated agent-log-in websites

One system does not fit all properties or people, it's that simple. 

According to research carried out by Readers Digest, real estate is one of the least trusted industries in New Zealand. It sits at around 44th out of 49 least trusted industries.

Added to that is an aggressive online environment with real estate companies, individual agents or 'software' (yes, software - more about that later!) all vying for your business.

It is important to know whether what you think you are being offered is genuinely what you are getting.

Agent Finder started in 2009 and in the last couple of years around 16 businesses have tried to copy our model. But trying to copy an 'entrepreneur offering genuine consumer value' is a hard act to keep up with, so good luck to them. 


We have had these other websites researched and were dismayed to discover that:

  • Fourteen of them allowed agents to Log In to enter their details and receive automated referrals (details about people like you) based on what the agent wrote about themselves.
  • In some cases, numerous agents have access to your contact details before you know anything about them.
  • Three were found to be automated software systems only, but they were presenting quite a different impression.
  • Only five websites provided information about who was behind the business.
  • One website was actually a moving company.

There are numerous other automated websites offering 'free valuations' which are often real estate agents appearing to be a valuation service.

NB: None of our research included Open2view or

In our opinion, it is vitally important for you to be aware of who is behind the service you are engaging to find a real estate agent.

Agent screening is vital to ensure you don't end up down the wrong path. (For more info on agent screening click here).


It is now common across all industries for credible websites to have an About Us page that provides the legal company name, information about who heads the company, some organisational history, vision, goals or similar.  

If these things are missing from a site, that is an indicator that you may not be dealing with a credible service. The quality of the contact details should help you decided whether you are putting what is probably your biggest asset in the hands of a nobody or a somebody.

The value of 'no pressure' and integrity of service cannot be underestimated.


Download your free copy of The Process Of Selling A House Made Easy - no login required.


  • Are you being offered an automated system or a personalised service?
  • Will multiple agents have access to my details without my prior approval?
  • Do I want to know more about an agent's integrity before I get caught up with them?
  • Am I being offered any other value for my real estate experience?

In real estate, the losses and gains can be life changing. Putting your home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hands of a website system could be a gamble.

Of course there are websites that sell goods globally for clothing or electronic items without About Us or other details, but these are not items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars like your home.

We can advise you how to to get started or download your Sell Smarter Kit in the box to the right of this page.

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