If wanting to sell your Christchurch house, apartment or lifestyle block for an optimum sale price in a good time frame, this will depend completely on your choice of real estate agent. Not something to gamble with. 

We have been helping and advising home sellers like you for over a decade by vetting and shortlisting to establish the very best real estate agents in Christchurch. We tailor our vetting to your property type, location, situation or anything else important to you such as needing a quick house sale or managing tenants through the selling process.

We can provide you with a shortlist of vetted real estate agents using our proven criteria across five categories. It's a completely free service which includes

  • Interview questions to help you choose your real estate agent from a proven, qualified shortlist, fully informed. Afterall, the value of your asset is in their hands alone.
  • This PDF to protect and inform you through the whole real estate process but in small manageable steps from 'thinking of selling' stage, to the settlement of your sale and how to protect yourself if purchasing a new property. 
  • Advice about how to minimse real estate commission and fees. This includes avoiding unpredicted and unnecessary expenses.
  • Property valuation options (scroll down) and advice about how to establish the right price your home. Incorrect pricing is the leading cause why properties don't sell at all.
  • A free download for inexperienced home sellers wanting to sell their house as fast as possible for the best sale price. 



After a decade assisting home sellers, it has been well established that best practice real estate, excellent agent conduct and competence are the three most important factors for achieving the best sale price, so you've come to the right place.

This is what our mission is all about - protecting you, but also giving you a better advantage over other properties literally competing against yours..

Starting the real estate process with a best practice agent and having access to the most relevant information and insights, will help set you apart from properties competing for the same buyers.

These services go hand in hand, so we not only short list the most competent agents, you will also be provided with the right information, when you most need it, (not when it's too late or been completely omitted). 

We have researched, centralised and can quickly provide you with access to the most credible information available about Property Valuations, Commission and Fees, Real Estate Agents, Free Legal Resources, Preparing Your Home for Sale and more. 



Correct valuation information from trustworthy sources is critical and there are three main options:

  • The free on-line valuation option which uses data from a variety of sources 
  • An independent market valuation by a registered valuer 
  • A comparative market appraisal (CMA) by a real estate agent. This free to get done but expensive if it's incorrect so only get a CMA from a licensed, vetted agent.

Some sellers rely only on a CMA and some use all three options to help determine their property's value for establishing a price or reassurance of price expectation. 

Agent Finder NZspecialises in making our clients the most informed property sellers in NZ and it's a free service.


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