The safest way to find the best real estate agent in Christchurch is to objectively compare vetted agents from a shortlist tailored to your location, property type and condition, value and situation. For example, it may be tenanted, sub-dividable, a lifestyle block, a villa damaged in the earthquake or you may need to sell quickly.

There are over 1700 real estate agents and 191 companies in the Christchurch area - including the Canterbury/West Coast region, which is why it can be a daunting and time-consuming process to find the right one. Most Christchurch real estate agents will sell anywhere between Rolleston to North Canterbury and don't specialise in specific locations anymore.

We've been helping Christchurch vendors establish suitable real estate agents for over 10 years. 

Request a free shortlist of Christchurch real estate agents to compare first.

Finding a suitable real estate agent to conduct the sale of your property competently is something we can help you with. Here at Agent Finder NZ, we have helped many New Zealanders transacting annually around $340M worth of real estate achieve some outstanding sale prices, most often in half the average timeframe. 

'SOLD!!! Thank you for your support and helping me - I very much doubt that I could have got anywhere close to the price the agent got for me. 

Without your advice and help I would be stuck right now - but now I have a great future to look forward to.

Cherie, Christchurch

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Selling your Christchurch property for an optimum sale price and in a good time frame will depend entirely on a real estate agent's capability, conduct, integrity, knowledge and attitude.

For most real estate agents, managing the period between the date a sale and purchase agreement was signed and meeting conditions within the timeframe agreed is the most challenging stage.

It requires competence, technical knowledge and correct interpretation of legal documents, clauses, plans, maps, surveys, building inspections, insurances, lending policies, district planning rules and more. They must be able to respond to enquiries from potential buyers promptly.

This is not the time to take any risks or 'give someone a go' at selling your house. Learn more.


Having founded the concept of vetting real estate agents in Christchurch in 2009, we have proven that objective vetting of real estate agents to establish competence in the industry works when it comes to optimising the amount you can get for your property.

We tailor both the guidance we provide you and the vetting of real estate agents to:

  • Your property type - be it a unit, apartment, house, investment or lifestyle block
  • Your suburb or district within the Christchurch and Canterbury area
  • Your individual situation - or anything else important to you such as needing to sell your house quickly, managing tenants, or you may be downsizing your home.

The variations are many and we dedicate our effort to each individual home seller because there is no simple one size fits all.

If you have any questions, call free on 0800 789 532 - we're here to help.


Selling a house in Christchurch is a specialist area in itself due to the aftermath of the earthquakes. Many properties of the villa era have unlevel flooring and in some engineering reports, it can be unclear whether they are unlevel due to age or because of earthquake damage. 

Some villas have had faulty repairs completed (some more than once) which have only come to light after a buyer has sought a building inspection and by this time, you as the vendor, will have already spent money on real estate advertising. Some real estate agents can manage this issue better than most, and this is why it is important that the agent you choose is competent with your type of property and conditions.


With Covid-19, there has never been a more important time for increased due diligence when deciding who to list your house with.

Property listings are in shorter supply at a time when buyer demand is trending upwards, yet there are around 1700 people licensed to conduct real estate agency work in Christchurch and Canterbury alone - all vying for the same business. 

To take the pressure off, we can provide you with a shortlist of objectively vetted real estate agents tailored to you and your property type and suburb. This is a completely free service 

When you request a shortlist of agents, you will also receive

  • A checklist of interview questions to help you compare and choose the most suitably qualified Christchurch real estate agent
  • How much it costs to sell a house
  • Advice about how to avoid unpredicted and unnecessary expenses.
  • What you should know about getting a free real estate appraisal

Once you have selected a real estate agent, we have important guides about signing an agency agreement, a sale a purchase agreement and a marketing plan. There are industry rules around these to protect you.

Start by requesting a shortlist of Christchurch real estate agents to compare or Contact Us for more information now.

Article Updated August 2020 by Trish Willis

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