Outsourcing real estate agent vetting major time-saver

When time is short, and to-do lists are expanding, stress levels can be high. This can cause people to let due diligence slip when sifting through real estate agents to sell your property. Getting it wrong can be a costly affair.

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Due diligence just got a lot easier, faster

More time-deprived professionals are turning to experts for three main reasons:

  • The sheer volume of real estate agents operating
  • Low levels of confidence in the real estate industry
  • They want to do due diligence but lack time 

The thought of wading through the multitudes of real estate agents and companies is a daunting thought - who will you trust to sell your biggest asset? 

Where's the risk in that?

This is when you are most at risk of making poor decisions by reverting to old cliche habits like 'he's got lots of listings so he must be okay'.

Why?  Because numbers only tell you numbers, which don't tell you if the agents that get the most listings get the best sale prices.

Property sellers should know a lot more about a real estate agent before they list a property for sale and independently vetted agents for property types, price ranges and locations is the only real 'safe' way to start the process.

The bonus is that you have a sense empowerment to get you through the process. Too often it's the other way around, with the agent being in charge.

Where not to start

The most common initial thoughts about selling properties include 'how much can I get for my house?' Then you'll likely think, 'let's get an agent in to give us a market appraisal - they're free right?' 

Wrong. Getting a free appraisal can be anything but free if you get it from the wrong agent, in fact it can cost tens of thousands in your sale price.

Although real estate agents are obliged to provide accurate market appraisals, there can be over-valuing or using other tactics to get you to list with them.

Words of wisdom: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Information gate-keeping can hinder your sale price

Real estate agents are primarily the information gate keepers, and what they share with you sometimes includes only what they're legally obliged to share with you. Some provide more and others provide less.

Real estate involves multiple legal documents requiring a high level of knowledge, competency and conduct to ensure you are protected, but vendors often don't know what information they need to be aware of.

This makes them even more reliant on their agent's advice or information. Be warned that putting your eggs all in one basket is a risk not worth taking.

Specialist real estate vetting keeps you safe

Using a specialist service that vets agents for you reduces your risk and keeps the agents more honest at every stage of the four processes. They're aware they're being watched by another independent body and that's good for you.

The most informed property vendors in New Zealand undoubtedly achieve the best real estate results that impact on: 

  • Your sale time frame
  • Your sale price
  • Your real estate experience


f you rate selling your property one of the biggest legal and financial transaction in your life, consider outsourcing the vetting of agents - it's free, quick, transparent and only takes a call or an email, it's that easy.


Sell in half the average time

It is without a doubt that our clients are the smartest decision makers about their property assets - your feedback has been very much appreciated - thank you.

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Updated June 15, 2017

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