Home sellers feel safeguarded when fast tracked to best practice here.

Many home sellers come to us under pressure to sell quickly, some on the verge of making poorly informed decisions about selling their house.

So we have established a due diligence Express Service specifically, should you find yourself in this situation.

Making poor or uninformed decisions, in a rush, won't get you a quick sale or a good sale price. It can be very costly, drawn out and disheartening.

So additional to the Express Service, we have collated, developed and centralised some great home selling resources here, quickly accessible and all free. Share this page with friends and family so everyone can get access to these.



Using these resources have helped many kiwis sell their homes quickly.

1    The downloadable Sell Smarter Kit. This is packed with tips and is designed to help you sell your home within four weeks.

2    This downloadable, flow-chart demonstrates in five steps, The Process of Selling a House and how to do your due diligence by having all the right help centralised. Follow the steps and get the help it offers, it's free.

3    We can also have vetted agents shortlisted and referred to you the same day you contact us.  

4    We can also email you our Agent Interview Questionnaire so you can compare agents in an informed way.

5    By delegating this most important task to us, you are free to get the ball rolling with other jobs

6    While the vetted agents prepare an accurate property appraisal, get to work decluttering with a speedy home makeover. You can achieve a lot in just a few days.

7    While you're winding down in the evenings, use the opportunity to get informed about buyers and selling at an optimum price. Being clued up will help you make good decisions.



Without compromising your sale price or experience, you can have your property listed and live online within just a few days with the right real estate agent.

There's no guarantee for selling fast, however, experience has proven that those who 'plan' to sell quickly and use these resources, always do better, both time wise and price wise.

When the market has changed, it's even more important, to help your property stand out and get noticed. Use the downloads to help you get sold up within a few weeks. Check out what others say.

If you're time deprived and need to sell your house quickly and for top dollar - Get In Touch or call 0800 789 532

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