If planning to sell a residential property in New Zealand through an international real estate agent, the property can be advertised and marketed to Singaporeans, Australians and the important Expat community living abroad and looking to relocate.

International real estate transactions need proven, confident and competent real estate agents from international real estate companies, with substantial experience, thorough knowledge and real estate project management skills.

When real estate agents target their advertising to attract international buyers, both the real estate company and the estate agents need to have a firm grasp of government policies and legal documentation essential for completing a sale competently.

For example:

  • Inland Revenue policies
  • Immigration NZ policies
  • MBIE policies for running a business or working in New Zealand
  • PIMS, LIMS, survey plans and titles, easements and covenants
  • Anti money laundering policy obligations
  • Tenancy obligations if the property is rented

There is no room for errors or omissions in any real estate transaction but for international transactions, there is added responsibility on the agent and accountability for the agency. 

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When investing money into advertising and marketing campaigns, you have much to gain but also much to lose if you choose an unsuitable real estate agent.

Real estate vetting to establish the top international real estate agents with proven competence will have a direct impact on your experience, house sale price and the time it takes to sell.

This is our forte as we have been independently vetting real estate companies and agents for different property types and values for 13 years.

We are independent of the industry and well positioned to help you find a suitably qualified overseas real estate agent and agency.

Find out what sets international real estate companies apart and all about real estate commission


We ensure that real estate agents needed for selling a high end home are competent at negotiating million dollar sale prices with million dollar buyers.

The need for integrity, tact, confidence and expertise cannot be over stated.

A top international real estate company focused on the quality and the calibre of the agent's skills is what will attract for you the highest sale price in the shortest possible time.

Lately there has been an increase in ex-pats returning to New Zealand and properties being sold sight unseen. The way in which a property is expertly marketed enables off-shore buyers to make these decisions.

We can help you sell your New Zealand home by finding you a top agent. It is a free service for New Zealand home sellers as we are remunerated similarly to mortgage brokers.

If real estate agency work is not conducted efficiently, a buyer can get turned off and slip through your fingers very quickly. Choosing an international real estate agent proven competent is imperative.

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Article updated March 22, 2023 by Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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