The buyer pool for high end real estate is limited in NZ.

We vet real estate agents to establish those who proactively target international buyers for NZ homes. Agents who specialise and excel at selling luxury homes and lifestyle blocks, at optimum sale prices, and within good time frames. 

In the upper sale price brackets, often the local buyer pool will be limited so a proactive, international real estate company and campaign is necessary.

Some real estate companies have global relationships with Europe, Britain or Asia for this very purpose, but not all do.




When targetting international real estate buyers for NZ properties, there is much activity to be expertly coordinated quickly, often at one time.

Real estate companies and agents need to have a firm grasp of government policies and legal documentation essential for completing a sale competently.

For example, Inland Revenue or Immigration NZ policies, MBIE policies for running a business or working in New Zealand, PIMS, LIMS, survey plans, titles, moisture reports or and numerous others.

International Real estate transactions need proven, confident and competent real estate agents with project management competence.

Vetting to find top international real estate agents will have a direct impact on your experience, house sale price and the time it takes to sell.

When you've invested time and money into advertising and marketing campaigns you have much to gain but also much to lose if you choose an agent based on quantity rather than quality.

Not all real estate agents have the confidence to negotiate with million dollar buyers. Not all real estate agents have the knowedge or capability to juggle everything required, on time, to make a sale actually happen.. 

If it's not done efficiently, a buyer can get turned off and slip through your fingers very quickly. Choosing the right agent is imperative.




We ensure that real estate agents needed for selling a high end home are competent at negotiating million dollar sale prices with million dollar buyers. Integrity, tact, confidence and expertise cannot be under-estimated. 

A top international real estate company based on quality and the calibre of agent's skills are what will attract the highest sale price in the shortest possible time for you.

Lately there has been an increase in ex-pats returning to New Zealand.  We can help you find an agent who will target this and multiple other markets whilst you are in the planning process. 


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