The prudent way to find the best real estate agent in Wellington is to compare licensed, vetted agents from a shortlist specifically tailored to your property type and condition, value, location and situation.

Variables to consider when making such an important decision are things such as tenants, structural issues, whether it’s a house, apartment, sub-dividable or if your property is unique and hard to determine a value for.

With over 1200 salespeople and 98 companies in Wellington, many selling across multiple suburbs, it can be confusing, time consuming and difficult to make the right choice.

Vetting Wellington real estate agents for vendors is what we do. Request your shortlist now.


Buying and selling requires real estate agents to have a high level of:

  • Industry competence and accuracy
  • Legal responsibility
  • Technical knowledge such as earthquake strengthening
  • Compliance obligations
  • Negotiation ability
  • Tact and interpersonal attributes

Vendors are often not aware of the importance of these or if they are, they are often not taken into account when making the all-important decision of choosing the most suitable real estate agent.

Despite the complexities, it is still relatively easy to become an agent in New Zealand which is why vetting of licensed real estate agents is so important for you.

People might think the top Wellington real estate agents would be those that sell the most properties.  However, we know that the quality of service and results they achieve for their vendors are a better measure. 

Objective vetting of real estate agents to identify those who are the most exemplary is what we do.


Even if your property looks straight forward to sell, the buyer may have more complex issues requiring the assistance of a capable agent to manage each issue tactfully and within often tight timeframes.

Real estate agents assist buyers with mortgages, valuations, building inspections, acquisition of titles, LIMs, PIMs, Council compliance, surveys and interpret and communicate the meaning of content in these. They coordinate with lawyers, all of this often under considerable pressure for time.

It is after the sale and purchase agreement has been signed, that is often the most testing part of the process for both sellers and agents. All vendors need a real estate agent who is capable of managing the process to completion or they risk the sale falling over.

The scope of a real estate agent's capability is essential for vendors.

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Selling real estate in Wellington or any other place in New Zealand can be complex and choosing an unsuitable real estate agent can cost you dearly and result in your property lingering on the market.  Agent Finder NZ was the first to introduce real estate agent vetting for this very reason.

We advise Wellington home sellers to lift their expectations of what defines a competent real estate agent. This is likely your biggest financial asset, so this is not the time to 'give someone a go' at selling your house.

Since we launched in 2009, we have helped many New Zealanders selling a combined $340M-plus annually of real estate to attain some notable prices, and often in half the average time on the market. We were recognised in the APAC NZ Business Awards in 2018. 


Using our specialist real estate agent vetting service along with extra resources we share with you, will ‘enable’ you to forge ahead with confidence. You will be much more likely to achieve a prime price within a good timeframe and have a satisfying experience.

This a genuine free service to people selling a property in Wellington (We are remunerated in a similar way to mortgage brokers)

Our service includes:

  • A bespoke shortlist of real estate agents based on a stringent criterion
  • real estate agent questionnaire which will help you objectively compare real estate agents in Wellington from the shortlist of agents we give you. A lot can be gleaned from these questions.
  • Helping you understand what to look out for in your comparative market appraisal so you can address any information gaps or issues with the sale price recommendation or method of sale.
  • Helping you estimate how much real estate commission and fees you should pay.
  • Equipping you with information to help you make informed real estate decisions throughout the whole process of selling your house, from signing a legally binding agency agreement to the sale and purchase agreement.
  • If you are also buying a house, we can provide you with a thorough checklist that protects you.

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"I was over the moon with the sale price we achieved, but more importantly the whole real estate process has been stress free! We found our real estate agent to be outstanding in his professionalism.  Thank you so much for recommending him to me... I was beginning to think that I was going to have a bit of a nightmare on my hands after spending a week talking with some other real estate agents who were selling in the area. Thank you for your agent recommendations".  - Jo

Article updated April 6, 2021 | Trish Willis

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