Updated January, 2022 - High sale prices were achieved yet again in many regions during December 2021 so now is still a good time to sell but start preparing now.

The current low number of properties for sale is still putting pressure on purchasers to compete for the limited supply driving prices off the charts in many locations. 

Longer settlement periods have become more common place to allow more time for vendors to find their new homes helping to alleviate pressure.

Banks are putting pressure on loan to value ratios and deposits, and interest rates are slowly rising.

If the time is right for your circumstances, now is a very good time to be selling a property and comparing real estate agents who have been vetted.

If you are in Auckland and are unsure about your Unitary Plan zone, get in touch, we can advise you about this quickly.

If you are planning now to sell your property, safeguard yourself by requesting a list of vetted real estate agents - it's a genuine free service.

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A real estate appraisal sets the foundation for a property sale and if it's poorly researched in the economic climate of the day, you will be on the back foot from day one, possibly without even being aware of it.

Successful property sales in this market depend entirely on the competence of a real estate agent's forward thinking digital marketing, integrity, personal attributes, ability to manage various methods of sale and of greatest value, their negotiation skills. 

If you want to plan how much it costs to sell a property, you can find out about commission and fees here. 

If you need help or have a question, start a Live Chat here.

Find out what a real estate appraisal should include or call 0800 789 532 to request one.



Should you decide that now is a good time to sell your property, you can have greater confidence in real estate agents who have been put through a stringent vetting criteria. This frees you up to focus on preparing your house for sale and getting your ducks in a row.

Our vetting process throughout the last 11+ years has proven to achieve optimum sale prices, within short time frames, at any time of year. Read our reviews.

There are always home buyers for the usual reasons such as getting onto the property ladder, downsizing, up-sizing, upgrading, changing jobs to new locations, births, deaths, building new, cashing up investment properties, wanting a warmer home or being closer to family, especially since Covid-19. 

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If you would like to get some appraisals to compare, request a shortlist now or call 0800 789 532



  • Cold New Zealand winters can motivate people to up-spec to insulated homes and winter/spring is often the time when they start looking.
  • Autumn and winter often have fewer houses for sale and therefore less competition from other properties.
  • Insulation and the need for a warmer, dryer home often sees buyers actively looking to buy a house in Winter/Spring.
  • February and September can often have more buyer activity, although the downside is that with so many people listing at this time there are more properties competing with yours.
  • Summer is considered the best time to sell a holiday home as holiday makers are out and about travelling.
  • Summer can be a good time to sell a lifestyle block with drier ground underfoot and brighter greenery.

The upshot is that houses sell all year round, so the best time is really when it suits you.


If you need to sell your house to move on, just do it - but do it diligently. 

Here at Agent Finder NZ we have been tracking and monitoring real estate listings for a decade. Our research shows that properties that end up listed for sale a second time around are not selling because of the time of year but instead, the lack of sale stemmed from things such as being un-prepared, choosing an unsuitable real estate agent or lack of information to assist with due diligence.

If you need any advice get in touch now or call 0800 789 532 - we're here to help.

Article updated January 7, 2022 by Trish Willis - Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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