The financial losses and gains when selling your house can be life changing and the outcome relies heavily on your choice of real estate agent.

Real estate agent competencies vary widely, yet you will pay the same commission for the best, or the worst.

So in 2009, we set about establishing this free Agent Finder service, nationwide, a service that protects, informs and empowers vendors to sell their houses in a much smarter way. It has worked wonders for many. Agent Finder reviews.




Should you decide to engage a vetted real estate agent who has met our stringent criteria, we will charge the real estate company a fee, but only when your property sells. 

Our terms require that our fee does not get passed on to you, so you pay the same amount of commission and fees whether Agent Finder NZ is involved or not.

You can however, be more assured of receiving best practice real estate, excellent agent conduct and of selling at the best sale price possible, in the shortest amount of time.

We have assisted thousands of New Zealanders since 2009, take a look at their reviews of our free service.




  • Agent Finder does not have any affiliations with any real estate buying or selling brands in New Zealand
  • Agent Finder is not a subscription based business, nor does it allow estate agent logins for self promotion
  • Agent Finder is 100% independent and free, no obligation
  • You will not have uninvited real estate agents knocking on your door
  • We have 10 years experience assisting home sellers
  • We continually liaise with industry authorities to ensure our information is solid
  • We always aim to provide a better than expected service, tailored to each home seller and property type
  • As member of the NZ Business Excellence Foundation, excellence in service is our highest priority




  • Independent, genuine vetting and shortlisting of real estate agents and companies tailored to you, your property type and location.
  • Questions you should be asking real estate agents at interviews that are often overlooked
  • Advice about getting accurate property appraisals, pricing your home and/or valuations
  • Advice about how to negotiate real estate fees and commission
  • Resources about signing an agency agreement and a sale and purchase agreement and everything in between
  • Advice and support throughout the whole real estate process

If you would like to find out more about us, how it works, or want help getting started call now 0800 789 532.

Agent Finder NZ clients sell on average in 23 days


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