If real estate agents or companies don't meet our stringent criteria, they don't get short listed or referred. It's that simple.

Process:   We assess and compare agent competence using a comprehensive criteria that includes over 20 indicators across five categories. We know it works.

Timeliness:   Whenever possible and if urgency is required, we aim to have the short listing process completed and real estate agents referred to you the same day you request our service.

Disclosure:   You will be advised why particular companies and agents have been short listed and referred.

Questions to Ask:   We then send you the Real Estate Agent Questionnaire to help you compare well, the agents you interview.

Comparison:   In addition to comparing agents, you can compare their appraisals, fees and the services they offer, to determine the best match for you, your property type and location.

Commission:   We provide you with guidance about how to negotiate commission with agents.

Resources:   You will receive guides about signing a listing agreement with an agency and a sale and purchase agreement with a buyer plus everything in between.

Independence:   We do not have any affiliation with any real estate companies being 100% independent of all buying and selling brands and do not receive any subscriptions. 




There have been over 1800 official complaints about real estate agents/services over the last three years.  We do our due diligence to ensure 100% of our clients get access to the most credible real estate services in the industry.

We make it our business to understand what the issues are and how to avoid them. It is our mission to ensure that our clients do not become another of these statistics.

Getting Started is simple - no forms to fill in.

If you need help getting started, get in touch or give us a call on free phone 0800 789 532.  We are NZ owned and operated and have been providing this service since 2009.

Check here to find out why Agent Finder is a free service nationwide.

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