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Starting the process of finding real estate websites in NZ?

With 900 NZ real estate companies and over 15,000 licensed real estate agents, getting accurate information, when you most need it is arduous.

We sort the wheat from the chaff in the NZ real estate industry, by independently vetting real estate websites and agents nationally, and locally for you.

When starting the real estate process, we provide you with credible and free pre-market information and advice - due diligence without all the hassle, quickly.

We encourage you to start your real estate journey with these 10 tips that will help your home to sell for the optimum sale price within four weeks.

You can also download our Sell Smarter Kit packed with advice, especially helpful for inexperienced home sellers in NZ.

In a mistrusted industry, our integrity and guarantees to home sellers are unparalleled and why many clients rave about Agent Finder NZ.

We guarantee you:

  • Agent Finder is 100% independent and free, no obligation for NZ property sellers. 
  • Professional, bespoke service with a decade of experience advising home sellers how to achieve highest sale prices in shortest timeframes.
  • Agent Finder does not have any affiliations with any real estate buying or selling brands in New Zealand
  • Agent Finder is not a subscription based business, nor does it allow estate agent logins for self promotion
  • You will not have uninvited real estate agents knocking on your door
  • A fair and transparent process
  • We always aim to provide a better than expected service, tailored to each home seller and property type
  • As member of the NZ Business Excellence Foundation, excellence in service is our highest priority

If you would like to find out more about us, how it works, or want help getting started with finding a top performing real estate agent - call now 0800 789 532 or send us an email:

What's included in this Free Service

  • Independent, genuine vetting and shortlisting of real estate agents and companies tailored to you, your property type and location.
  • Questions you should be asking real estate agents at interviews that are often overlooked
  • Advice about getting accurate property appraisals, pricing your home and/or valuations
  • Advice about how to negotiate and pay the lowest real estate fees and commission
  • Resources about signing an agency agreement and a sale and purchase agreement and everything in between
  • Informative resources related to your particular property type, that protect and properly inform you, at the time you most need it
  • Advice and support throughout the whole process should you require it using our Live Chat, email or free phone 0800 789 532, 7 days per week.
  • Buyer beware information for purchasing your next property - a must have.

In the year 2016-2017, the average day on market for Agent Finder clients was just 23 days. Let us help you get started on your real estate journey with confidence. 

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