Trish Willis - Founder of Agent Finder NZ

In 2007, I founded and am a Director of Evolve Enterprises Ltd, trading as Agent Finder NZ

The losses and gains in real estate can be life changing so we set ourselves apart from any other organisation to optimise the gains for consumers. This can only be achieved by doing things differently.

We monitor industry data then create solutions from problems making the Agent Finder NZ experience unparalleled. This is what empowers real estate consumers to make more informed real estate decisions, without pressure.

In 2016, I founded Wise Up NZ, a portal that centralises property resources provided by Government, non-Government organisations, Societies, Trusts, Boards and other relevant bodies all in one hub, so everyone can be properly informed but in a streamlined way. There is no other service like this in New Zealand.

​Being impartial, independent of the industry and a free service means that no property seller in NZ needs to make poor real estate decisions about which real estate agents to use; but too many still do. Tell your friends, colleagues and relatives about us.

At Agent Finder NZ, we aim to ensure our clients receive the high level of competency and conduct they need from their real estate agents.  There are approximately 14,000 real estate agents in total in NZ making industry vetting a necessity for property sellers.


Find out more about our Mission and Values or where to start when selling a property. Agent Finder NZ is a genuine, free service for property sellers.

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