When tasked with selling a deceased estate property in New Zealand, the bulleted tips below will help ease the responsibility on families/executors, and achieve an optimal result. 

For example, the ownership may be in a Family Trust or in the name of a sibling(s) tasked with representing the whole family's best interests price-wise. The property may be 'over-furnished', be zoned for development, in a high value suburb, be sub-dividable or there may be a family member living in it wishing to remain there. The variables are many.

Siblings often living in different locations, have differing opinions on what real estate agency or agent is best to use, what the property is worth to sell, whether to get a property valuation, when to sell the house and how to avoid exhorbitant real estate commission and fees. All crucial decisions and information we have at our finger tips additional to vetting licensed real estate agents NZ-wide. 

We can help you prepare well to sell a deceased estate property in a streamlined manner with due diligence at the forefront.

Find out how we vet real estate agents at no cost to vendors.


  • Don’t market the home as a 'deceased estate' sale. It is far better to pick out its most attractive features and highlight those as you would for any other property sale such as the no. or size of rooms, location to schools or land size. Property features will likely attract a higher volume of interest.
  • Do home stage the house to appeal to younger buyers, either by hiring professionals or doing it yourself. This is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to sell a house for a prime price quickly most often halving the days on market.
  • Understand what to look out for and be aware of in regard to real estate appraisals. You can use our real estate agent questionnaire to guide you through interviews with property agents.
  • Compare real estate agents objectively and understand how much real estate commission you will pay before signing an agency agreement. We can advise you about all of these matters.
  • Talk to your lawyer before signing an agency agreement as being a deceased estate, there may be special clauses required.

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Vetting real estate agents using a stringent criteria has proven to be the most thorough way to establish competence. It can also take a lot of pressure off families when done objectively and professionally for them.

This is tailored to locations, property types, situations and values. For example, selling a deceased estate property in Auckland, you may want to know more about whether the property is zoned for development in the Unitary Plan and what impact that could have.

These are all matters we can advise you about so you can do your due diligence in an efficient, streamlined and thorough manner.

“Being a deceased estate, the real estate process was stressful enough without  'pushy' real estate agents approaching us …  having a professional, unbiased selection of three vetted real estate agents was a brilliant place to start.” Gay | North Shore

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Page updated November 29, 2023 | Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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