Selling a deceased estate is a specific type of property sale involving unique demands. Getting independent, objective advice can smooth the way for executors and families involved.

There comes a time when many families must face the hurdle of selling their deceased parents’ family home or bach.

This can involve siblings, often living in different locations, needing to see eye to eye on things such as what real estate agent to use, whether to get a property valuation, whether to list with a real estate agent or sell privately to avoid real estate commission and fees. All crucial decisions.

This is a time when it literally pays to get objective, independent help. We have guided families through the process of selling deceased estates for over 10 years - all at no cost. 

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A free service, we not only give advice, we assist you by taking an objective approach to finding a real estate agent who has integrity and is competent - above average and someone who can sell the home for a prime price, in a short time frame. 

“Being a deceased estate, the real estate process was stressful enough without  'pushy' real estate agents approaching us …  having a professional, unbiased selection of three vetted real estate agents was a brilliant place to start.”

Gay | North Shore




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  • Don’t market the home as a 'deceased estate'. Far better to pick out its most attractive features and highlight those as you would for any other property.
  • Home stage the house to appeal to younger buyers, either by hiring professionals or doing it yourself. This is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to sell a house for a prime price quickly. 
  • Understand what to look out for and be aware of in regard to real estate appraisals. You can use our real estate agent questionnaire to guide you through interviews with property agents.
  • Compare real estate agents objectively and understand how much real estate commission you will pay  before signing an agency agreement.
  • Once you have chosen your real estate agent, talk to your lawyer before signing an agency agreement as being a deceased estate, there may be special clauses required.

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If you are an executor of the estate or siblings about to sell the family home, we can step you through the whole process starting with:

  • Vetting and shortlisting suitable real estate agents
  • Alerting you to property appraisal valuation methodologies
  • How to objectively compare agents and ultimately choose a candidate who will achieve the best result for you and your family

Agent Finder NZ is a genuine, bespoke and free service. We are remunerated similar to a mortgage broker. 

  • Take the stress out of your sale by requesting a short list of vetted agents suited to your or your family’s unique needs
  • Free up your time for the myriad other tasks involved in selling your parents’ home

When decision making with siblings, one thing you can all probably agree on is the need for the best possible sale price. By using an objectively vetted real estate agent via Agent Finder NZ you are on the right track. 

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