The first place to start when selling your home or any other property type, is with a plan that includes:

1.  Finding the right real estate agents who you can rely on for accurate advice

2.  Getting real estate appraisals to compare by asking the right questions

3.  Establishing what your real estate commission and fees will be

4.  Deciding who is the most suitable real estate agent (and company) to conduct the sale of your property

5.  Deciding on the right method of sale for your property type, price range and market at the time

But this is just the beginning phase. There are many parts to the real estate process and why kiwis enjoy the benefit of a streamlined, painless experience with Agent Finder NZ. We help take the pressure off by guiding you through those most important initial steps and those that follow.

We have collated answers to the 14 most-asked questions about selling real estate which includes commission and fees.



Understanding the real estate process from the outset can win you an optimal result and this Selling Smarter Kit offers many valuable selling tips and advice all geared to help sell your house faster than average - and at a top sale price.

Also, take a look at the graphs in our tips for selling your home article. These demonstrate both successful and struggling real estate campaigns. It always pays to get it right at the start.

Selling a house is rarely straight forward, so here at Agent Finder NZ we can provide you with free real estate advice relevant to you and your property, all aimed at helping you to sell your home at an optimal price.

If you're preparing to sell your home and would like some, get in touch, it's a genuine free service.



Selling a property in New Zealand is a legally binding process from signing an agency agreement with a real estate company to a sale and purchase agreement with a buyer. These can include additional clauses, amendments, deletions, deadlines and conditions of sale to be met. There are numerous property documents like Titles, LIMS and PIMS that need to be sought and intepreted or compliance documents to be completed.

Getting reliable real estate advice from a real estate agent who is strong on experience, technical knowledge and problem solving skills is the minimum. Find out about vetted real estate agents first or request a shortlist of agents to interview.

Doing due diligence is something Kiwis often underestimate and need help with. Ask A Question



Selling your home is a legal process which can be life changing, often complex, often unexpectedly.

You will need to be sure that your real estate agent is proven competent, someone you can safely rely on to sell your house which is likely to be your biggest asset.

It surprises us how little people know about their real estate agents but still choose them to manage the sale of such a valuable asset. 

A property agent who is skilled at negotiating with buyers, is relatable, has a good conduct record and can reach the largest home buying audience for your property, location and price range is a fundamental requirement. If you need help, just ask.

There is much more to selling a house than most think, and this is why you should be empowered with knowledge about choosing real estate agents, what the real estate process entails, what risks to manage and how to save a small fortune in real estate fees.

You may find our due diligence check list just the thing you need.

You will find the most reputable real estate advice and information you need to sell your home right here at Agent Finder NZ, all at no cost.

We've been specialising in empowering home sellers for a decade. Our reviews are testament to this. Request An Agent Shortlist.



Using our advice and resources can add tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars difference to your sale price. A decade of doing so has proven this.

Get everything you need, all from one centralised place quickly, including: 

  • Professionally vetted and shortlisted real estate agents tailored to you and your property
  • Access to best practice advice about the whole real estate process
  • Due diligence tools and checklists including questions to ask real estate agents  
  • Impartial advice and support from beginning to end if you need it

It has been well proven to our customers, that those who prepare when selling a home end up selling faster and at better sale prices, than those who listed quickly in the absence of a plan.

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