Attracting an optimum price when selling your home will rely on:

1.   The preparation you do on the interior and exterior of your property.

2.   Understanding what the whole process entails and the decisions you will need to be properly informed on.

2.   Objectively choosing the most qualified, licensed real estate agent (and agency) to conduct the sale of your property - head over heart.

3.   The accuracy of your free real estate appraisal and your careful scrutiny of it.

4.   Finding out how to sell a house quickly without compromising your sale price. Often the highest sale price is achieved in the first four weeks.

We've helped thousands of Kiwis to prepare for and navigate the process of selling their properties for 13 years and know that this advice will help you to achieve an optimum result, price-wise and time-wise.

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When selling a house, most people are not aware of the impact Day One live online will have on their real estate listing.

You can see examples of this in graphs generated from real listings - a successful marketing campaign and a struggling one. You will notice the high number of views on day one.

Selling a house is rarely straight forward for buyers or sellers so understanding the real estate process and the duties of a real estate agent from the outset can win you an optimal result.

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Overview of real estate commission and fees



Selling your home in New Zealand is a legally binding process from signing an agency agreement with a real estate company to a sale and purchase agreement with a buyer. 

You will be heavily reliant on your real estate agent's knowledge, competency and advice, requiring you to make decisions, often under time pressure - for example:

  • Signatures required for clauses added, amendments made, deletions to agency listing agreements, marketing agreements, methods of sale and sale and purchase agreements.
  • Confirming deadlines and conditions of sale written into the sale and purchase agreement.
  • Numerous property documents like Titles, LIMS (Land Information Memorandum) and PIMS (Property Information Memorandum) need to be sought and interpreted, and compliance documents completed.

Real estate agents spend a lot of time helping buyers to purchase your property.

This includes liaising with your lawyer and your buyer's lawyer along with mortgage brokers, banks, insurance companies, councils, body corporates and Trustees. It may be uncomplicated at your end but not so on the buyer side.

Engaging a suitable real estate agent who is strong on experience and knowledge of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 is imperative. This will largely be dependent on the real estate agency they work for and the standards of agent recruitment they have.

Before taking any other action, find out how a vetted real estate agent will put you at an advantage.



Selling your home can be life changing, and often unexpectedly complex. Be sure that your real estate agent has been proven competent, someone you can safely rely on to perform their duty and put your best interests front and centre.

Access everything you need, all from one centralised place quickly - all at no cost:

  • Professionally vetted and shortlisted real estate agents tailored to you and your property typeTwo women deep in conversation in front of a laptop in an office.

  • Access to best practice advice about the whole real estate process

  • Due diligence tools and checklists including questions to ask real estate agents  

  • Impartial advice and support from beginning to end if you need it

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Article updated April 18, 2023 by Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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