When the pressure is on and you’re unsure how to sell your house fast, becoming empowered to make fully informed real estate decisions from the outset to the end is absolutely essential.  

Here at Agent Finder NZ, we’re committed to helping you carry out pre-market preparations as well as guiding you through the multiple decisions you have to make before and during the real estate process.  

Our advice and support clearly impacts on the number of days on market, the current average sitting at 17 days.

We give you proven real estate advice and help you sell your house fast. 

More Confidence In Vetted Real Estate Agents

When you get in touch, the more you tell us up front, the faster we can help you. 

This enables us to speedily and accurately vet real estate agents with the appropriate skills and competencies suited to your property type, location, structure and legal description. 

For example, let us know whether your property is an apartment, a tenanted property, a lifestyle block, on a cross-lease or has a covenant. Do you have a luxury home for targeting international buyers or perhaps have parents that are downsizing? 

We consider all these variables so we can help you sell your house faster at its optimal price. 

See this quick reference for real estate commission and fees

Express Services For Selling Your House Fast 

The tried and tested Agent Finder Express Process is easy to follow: 

  • We will start the  vetting of real estate agents, to find the most competent agents for your area and your property type based on our stringent criteria. 
  • You will then receive a short list of the agents and their details. You decide which agents to interview. No unwelcome agents will come knocking at your door. 
  • We will include an agent questions guide to help you interview the agents and get all the information you need to quickly make properly informed decisions. 
  • We will also provide you with information on market appraisals and signing contracts.

Many of our clients are time-deprived investors and professionals, who know they need to do due diligence but don't have the time. Some of our clients have never sold a house and don't know where to start.  

You will find our exclusively developed resources help ensure your due diligence can be done quickly and efficiently. Because every property is unique, the menu of services we provide is adapted accordingly. 

Whatever your experience, we can provide you with the whole package, relevant to your property type, price range and location, within minutes or hours.

We can email you all the information you need very quickly. Phone 0800 789 532 

Article updated May 28, 2021 | Trish Willis

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