Having offers from multiple buyers is the most desirable situation for a home seller to be in. It prompts buyer competition, creating the opportunity for you to sell your house faster, for more money.

Scroll to view 10 great tips to will help you generate multiple offers. This helps a real estate agent negotiate the sale price upwards - rather than the home owner being stuck in the common situation of having to negotiate down.


Sale price negotiation often spirals downwards. It can be caused by the state of the real estate market, the competence of your real estate agent, and not understanding what creates multiple offers.

Getting a great offer to buy your house requires a combination of good decisions on your part and the hard work of a competent real estate agent.

Finding a suitable real estate agent from the many available is something we can help you with. Currently, the average days on market for our clients who list with vetted real estate agents is just 17 which is around half the national average.

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1.  Create some wow factor wherever possible, both inside and outside the home. Simple decluttering and re-styling with your current furnishings will help. It's hard to see your home any differently from the way you live in it, but remember that potential buyers want to visualise themselves living in your house. Make it easy for them.

2.  Get tenant co-operation - if your property is tenanted, getting your tenants on board and having a tactful agent to manage viewings with the least intrusion is something to be mindful of’. For advice about giving notice, we have all the resources available that you will need.

3.  Appeal to the masses by providing a more neutral or uncluttered look. This helps appeal to a broader range of buyer types, often allowing buyers to dream a little and visualise their furnishings, in your home.  

4.  Understand the five most important areas of your property that can increase home value.

5.  Download the Sell Smarter Kit (from any page of this website), especially if you're an inexperienced home seller. It has been written specifically to help vendors sell for optimum sale prices in four weeks.

6.  Do your due diligence by comparing two or three vetted real estate agents.

7.  Understand the range of methods of sale available and choose the most appropriate method for your property, in your price range and location.

8.  Insist on professional photography.  These are what you will rely on to attract buyers in the very first instance. Without it, you can compromise all the other good decisions you have made so far.

9.  A comprehensive marketing strategy doesn't have to cost the earth.  Quality is more important than quantity and digital campaigns can target appropriate buyers.

10.  See the graph here that demonstrates why Day One Live On Line is your most important day of all when selling your home.

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