We specialise in helping property sellers reach the international buyer market by vetting New Zealand real estate agents superior in their knowledge and competent at marketing properties globally.

Due to the small pool of New Zealand buyers in the multi-million dollar price bracket, seeking out international real estate buyers is necessary. 

Expats, Singaporeans and Australians are exempt from the Overseas Investment Office policy, so attracting overseas interest is no less important than previously. 

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International focussed real estate agents and companies often have the connections to access this market and have a high level of knowledge and ability in these types of transactions.

This a specialist field and requires the expertise of international real estate agents who have substantial experience, knowledge of government policies and laws, who conduct themselves with diplomacy and integrity and are especially effective price negotiators.

Finding you this calibre of real estate agent is what we do - all at no cost for NZ vendors.

"We are under contract to the first person to see the farm; a Kiwi coming back home after 26 years abroad! Best wishes and many thanks for recommending our agent to us" Vendor - Karen D

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International real estate agents need to be able to manage a complex sales process involving big money while also being knowledgeable in a number of specialist areas related to international sales. 

Many real estate agents have little or no experience in marketing and selling million dollar properties to international buyers. With such an important sale at stake, it's not a time leave the outcome up to chance. 

You need to make sure you have a bonafide international real estate agent who you can trust to be competent and confident in handling what might well be your most valuable asset. 


Real estate agents need to be able to answer queries quickly and facilitate such things as:

  • New Zealand immigration policies
  • New Zealand business laws
  • New Zealand taxation policies relating to capital gains 
  • Options for exchanging money
  • Stamp Duty
  • Anti money laundering verification

Any enquires from international buyers need to be responded to promptly when interest in the property is at its peak, and carefully shepherded to maintain engagement.



Luxury and high value property marketing campaigns must be of sufficient quality to ensure your property is appropriately pitched to high calibre buyers. 

Whether buyers find your property through a Google search, see a brief headline description of your property, watch a video or look at real estate photographs, at each step of the marketing process, the quality must be exemplary. 

The quality of photographs and any video marketing campaign must be high end, while each and every word used in the marketing package must count. Your property needs to stand out from all the competition - and your chance to grab buyer attention might amount to seconds. Every aspect of the campaign must count, so it's important to get the best international real estate agent in the field.

Understanding the world of online marketing is another must, given the internet's primacy in real estate marketing to international buyers, so you need the right people on the job.

To better understand the importance of good international real estate marketing, see the graphs on this page which show two markedly different outcomes in terms of real estate buyer reach.



Busy professionals need to be able to trust that when they hand the sales process over to a real estate agent, they are investing their faith in the right people to sell their home.

There are various options for selling New Zealand properties internationally and at Agent Finder NZ we specialise in:

  • Working on your behalf to find the highest quality international real estate services tailored to your New Zealand property type and location 
  • Ensuring you get the best high-end national and global marketing campaign specialists
  • Putting you in touch with proactive companies that target qualified international buyers in your price range
  • Ensuring you have a highly competent agent experienced and confident in negotiating million dollar house prices with million dollar buyers
  • Helping you get the most accurate valuation and ensuring your property goes on the market in the right price bracket to avoid a misfire
  • Advising you about the specific sequence of steps that will get you well positioned before going to market

When the real estate process follows the right steps, starting with the necessary due diligence, our data - collected over a decade of vetting real estate agents on behalf of sellers - has proven you will maximise your capability of getting the best possible price in the shortest possible time frame. 

The power of Facebook posts by Agent Finder NZ targeting buyers

This graph is a real life example of a property that Agent Finder NZ posted to Facebook groups we belong to. It records the resulting sharp rise in clicks to the listing.

Check out this glowing review of a luxury lifestyle property sale that sold within 30 days. There are lots more like it.


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