When selling a property, knowing the right questions to ask when interviewing real estate agents can make a big difference to your whole experience, but most of all your sale price. 

These questions will help you to compare agents and choose the one most suited to you and your property, someone with experience you can have confidence in, to achieve a great result.

To help you with this important part of your real estate journey, we’ve produced an Agent Questionnaire for our clients to use. This Questionnaire goes beyond the basic questions most people ask and establishes the most suitable agent out of the shortlist which we can also provide to you as a free service for vendors.

We have specialised in vetting licensed real estate agents for 13 years so that property sellers can make fully informed decisions. Our clients have found this service, combined with the questions very empowering.

Would you like a shortlist of vetted real estate agents to compare?  If so, get in touch or call 0800 789 532 - it's a genuinely free service.


The Agent Finder NZ Questionnaire has been specifically designed to help you:

  • make properly informed decisions about signing real estate agency contracts.
  • choose the most suitable vetted real estate agent from a shortlist tailored to your property type, location and value.
  • negotiate real estate commission, fees and advertising expenses. 
  • check you have an accurate property valuation by your real estate agent. 
  • attract competition between buyers to achieve an optimum sale price.
  • sell your house in a good timeframe.
  • make it harder for neighbouring properties for sale to compete with yours.
  • have a satisfying real estate experience.

Keep in mind when interviewing real estate agents, they will each offer different services, costs, appraisals, recommendations and approaches. The Questionnaire is very thorough and designed to help you find the best agent for you - because that is what will most likely get you the highest price possible in good time frame.


Getting a free appraisal when selling your home can raise all kinds of questions around whether you can trust the agent's valuation, but you will find the Questionnaire helps you to narrow down and know what to look for. During our time in the business, we have seen a pattern of vendors being dissatisfied with real estate agents' knowledge of market values, although our vetting process means you will be recommended the best.

Asking real estate agents the right questions can be very telling for home sellers in finding their preferred agent and will quickly establish just who the right one is for you, your property type and location.

It will help you reveal more information, often overlooked things, than if you were to conduct an interview without it. 

The adage 'you don't know what you don't know' is very relevant when it comes to selling your home which is why our real estate advisor is the best place to start.

Most people sell infrequently, but even savvy investors appreciate our Agent Questionnaire and the insight it can bring. It goes beyond anything else we have seen and helps you to do your due diligence, more quickly. It takes the pressure off.

Agent Finder NZ can provide you with a complete package of real estate information and advice to get you started - it's a free, bespoke service.

Agent Finder NZ Awards:

  • Best Independent Real Estate Advisors 2022 | BUILD 2022 Real Estate & Property Awards
  • Best Property Advice Hub New Zealand 2021 | APAC
  • Most Reputable Property Advice Hub New Zealand for Wise Up NZ 2020 | APAC
  • Best Real Estate Agent Vetting Service 2018 | APAC

Article updated March 20, 2023 by Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

Disclaimer: The content of this researched article is general in nature and not intended as a substitute for specific professional or legal advice on any matter and should not be relied on for that purpose

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