Following these proven tips can positively influence the outcome of your property sale, both in gaining the optimum price and in shortening the number of days on the market.

These graphs are examples of the daily number of clicks (and views) for two property listings.

The top one is a real listing doing well, with high visitor numbers sustained, while the one below is struggling but clearly shows the importance of day one of the online marketing campaign.

Example of a successful property marketing campaign

Example of a struggling marketing campaign

To give you a balanced view on costs, we have compiled a list of commissions for a range of sale prices


The above graph clearly indicates the importance of Day One live online. This is when an automatic email alert has been sent out to potential buyers looking for a particular property type, location and price range on a real estate website.

Numbers can also be generated by a Facebook or Instagram promotion or post.

It is important to not miss important steps in the preparation to sell - for instance home presentation and quality of photographs and marketing material.

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  • Choose your real estate agent diligently to help prevent a steep fall-off in online views.
  • The right real estate agent for you will ensure you get an accurate property appraisal.
  • High quality of property descriptions and photography are key to good marketing.
  • Put effort into home presentation prior to photography and marketing.
  • Advanced digital advertising by your agent will ensure market reach.
  • An appropriate method of sale and how your agent manages it is important.


Selling their home is not something people do frequently and is therefore virtually impossible to get experience in. If you want daily visitor numbers like the top graph, we can help - get in touch - it’s a genuine, no obligation and 100% free service for New Zealand home sellers.


The most important decision when selling your home is choosing the best real estate agent. With so many agents out there, this can be hard to do objectively.

However, it is the decision on which everything else relies and ultimately determines the fate of your sale. This is something we can advise you about, all at no cost.

Agent Finder NZ was created to independently assess real estate agents and to empower home sellers to lift their expectations of what to expect when selling their property, maximising the eventual property sale price.

We can create a shortlist of genuinely vetted real estate agents tailored to you and your situation, property type and value, using 20-plus indicators across four categories - this is the safest way to choose the best real estate agent.

We have 13 years of vetting real estate agents in New Zealand, so we know the criteria we use works. 

Through our analysis and research, we share insights you won't find anywhere else that give you a distinct advantage over other home sellers with competing properties in your area and price range, so you will get the best possible sale price in the best time frame.

Check out our reviews or request a shortlist of real estate agents to compare. If you're thinking about selling or have purchased a property and need to quickly sell your house, we can accommodate any situation and work to your time frame. 


Most real estate companies keep the details of commission and fees pretty close to their chest initially, so it can be hard to find them. 

Companies that do show their fees on their websites often have other expenses that are not shown, so transparency can be an issue.

We can advise you on how to minimise your real estate fees (including the unforeseen ones), what an individual agent actually gets and what you get in exchange for the commission.

People often ask when commission is paid or if they have to pay commission if the house doesn’t sell. Commission is only paid on the unconditional sale of a property. If your house does not sell, no commission will be charged at all. 

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Article updated February 27, 2023 by Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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