Focussing on five key areas around your property will help increase the sale value of your home. Additionally we have included how to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Because every property is unique however, you might find that combining these with a real estate appraisal will best determine which areas of your home will add most value. During the property appraisal visit, real estate agents can provide you with some good advice to get you started with your preparation. For example, should you turn a rumpus room or an office into a bedroom, should you home stage the property and if a rental property, should you sell after the tenants have left or in situ?

Obtaining a free property appraisal is not binding at all and it will give you a good steer on what to leave alone and what improvements will add value.

Find out more about getting a free property appraisal first - it pays to be very selective about who provides these for you.

For some properties it may just require rearranging some furnishings to create space or a more modern feel to attract younger buyers. This is especially important when senior citizens are downsizing or you may be selling a deceased estate.

These tips can all contribute to receiving multiple offers which is the optimal situation for getting a prime sale price. Instead of what is often downward negotiation, buyer competition enables your real estate agent to negotiate upward - if you have chosen an agent who is strong negotiator.

vetted real estate agent will help you add value, then negotiate a prime sale price.


According to Property Value, the five things that make up the value of your home are:

  • Land
  • Integrity of building structure
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Landscaping

Before getting a property valuation, look for ways to optimise the presentation of these areas first. If you prefer to get a real estate appraisal for establishing a price estimate, a good real estate agent will advise what areas to prioritise and how far to go with spending money, if any. 

Factor in how much it costs to sell a property including advertising, marketing and auctions.


Whether you home stage an empty home, partially home stage a lived in home or home style reworking your existing furnishings, this is always worth doing.

Home staging sets your house apart from competing homes for sale, in your area, in your price range. It can elevate buyer interest and put your house at the top of their short lists.

Staging your home for buyers (rather than for you as the seller) in a way that appeals to the broadest buyer demographics helps create the dream for buyers (in their price range).

A home does not have to be perfect - just make the best of what you have, regardless of your price range or even if your home is a bit tired looking.

Find out more about what home styling achieves


There is only going to be so much value you can add to a sale price but to some buyers in your price range, your house will be perfect.

We can help you achieve more equity by advising you how to avoid unnecessary and unbudgeted expenses. Selling your house can often incur expenses that are completely avoidable.

We can guide you on how to prevent these, arming you with better insight into each stage of the real estate process, which will impact on your bottom line at the end.

Find out how much real estate commission fees cost or ask a question

Article updated June 20, 2022 by Trish Willis - Member of the Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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