This is an independent real estate forum that answers the most commonly asked questions about buying and selling a house in New Zealand - all freely available. 

Importantly, the flowchart below centralises important resources produced by multiple agencies and bodies - specifically designed to help Kiwis prosper by doing better due diligence when selling a house.

You can access everything you will need to know about commission and fees, the process of selling a house, property appraisals or when is the best time to sell a house - all before you contact real estate agents. 

This Real Estate Forum is designed to empower and help you to achieve the highest possible sale price, sell in a shorter timeframe and have a satisfying real estate experience

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Question:  How much does it cost to sell a house? - Overview of commission and fees

Question   What to look for when buying a house

Question:  What are houses selling for in my area? - Statistics

Question:  What is the process of selling a house? - Help and Overview

Question:  When is the best time to sell a house? - regularly updated

Question:  How can I get the best possible sale price for my house?

Question:  How can I find the best real estate agent?

Question:  What questions should I ask a real estate agent?

Question:  Can Agent Finder help me find an international real estate agent?

Question:  How much does a real estate agent get paid from the commission?

Question:  How can I sell my house quickly?

Question:  Should I get an independent valuation to sell my home? 

Question:  Is home styling worth doing? 

Question:  How to sell a house in four weeks? 

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