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It is specifically designed to help Kiwis do better due diligence which ultimately achieves higher sale prices, faster sales and satisfying real estate experiences.

You can access everything you will need to know about commission and fees, the process of selling a house, property appraisals or when the best time to sell a house is - and much more - to help you be on the front foot.

The flowchart below is a game changer. It centralises the most reputable NZ resources produced by Government and NGO agencies and other property bodies for each stage of the selling journey. 

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This Real Estate Forum pre-empts and prevents commonly occuring problems many face when part way through a property sale.

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Find out why comparing real estate agents makes such a difference.

Question:  How much does it cost to sell a house? - Examples of commission and fees and lots of tips

Question   What should a property appraisal include? - What to look for in your house appraisal and standards you should expect

Question:  What is the process of selling a house? - Covers everything from preparation to settlement all on one page

Question: How to sell a property zoned for development in Auckland? - Specialist advice to help you get the most equity out of your property

Question:  When is the best time to sell a house? - What to take into account at the time

Question:  How can I get the best possible sale price for my house? - Easy tips that help your property stand out from competing properties

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Question:  How to find the best real estate agent? - What you should know about finding the right real estate agent for you and your property

Question:  What questions to ask a real estate agent? - Some curly questions not usually asked but should be

Question:  How to find an international real estate agent in NZ? - Higher value properties have a lot to gain here

Question:  How much does a real estate agent get paid from commission? - How real estate commission is divvied up by real estate agencies

Question:  How to sell my house quickly? - Numerous tips to help achieve a fast sale at a premium price

Question:  Should I get an independent valuation to sell my home? - Explains the options and when a valuation could be helpful

Question:  Is home styling or home staging worth doing? - Yes always - on average it can add around 10-15% onto an expected sale price

Question:  How to sell a house in four weeks? - Quick fixes to help you achieve a fast property sale


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