How to Sell Your Home Fast

If you want to sell your house urgently, knowing how to price your home for an optimum price quickly, how to choose a suitable real estate agent, what method of sale will be most effective and what commission and fees will cost are all important to understand.

A real estate agent will need to be selected for your particular property type, value and location and you'll need market appraisals that you can absolutely rely on for accuracy. This is fundamental to get right as so many decisions rely on this information. This is all something we can help you with urgently.

Agent Finder NZ has been helping home sellers under pressure to sell their properties fast, find the best real estate agents and achieve great results for over a decade. Take a peek at many reviews of our service.

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Being time-deprived often leads to taking risky short cuts and higher levels of dependency on a real estate agent. We believe that vendors sell better when they are in more control, rather than handing over power to just any old real estate agent.

When you contact our free service, we will respond immediately wherever possible. You will then be provided a 'selling a house checklist' by email to get you started. This will help you to understand what due diligence needs to be done and when.

There are numerous organisations that play an important role in the real estate process and we have centralised their most important advice here along with our own unique insights, to ensure you have access to the most reputable real estate information that you'll need - fast. Information you can rely on to make numerous important decisions.

This is the safest way to proceed when selling a house, especially when you need to sell your house fast.

We specialise in showing home sellers how to start doing due diligence - within minutes of making contact with us. It not only saves time but it can save you a small fortune. 

And by choosing a professionally vetted agent who meets our stringent criteria across four categories, a large part of your due diligence will already be sorted.

The fate of your sale will depend on your choice of real estate agent. With expert real estate agent vetting and reliable Real Estate Advice, Agent Finder NZ can quickly help you to sell your house fast and at a price you are happy with. 

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Agent Finder Express quickly provides you with everything you need, conveniently from one place including:

  • A short list of vetted, competent real estate agents tailored to you, your location and property type - you review and decide
  • What to look out for in real estate appraisals
  • Selling Home Tips about negotiating fees and commission
  • What questions you should ask a real estate agent 
  • Quick Links to the most reputable due diligence resources about tax, legal advice, title documents, valuations, how to negotiate with buyers and more
  • Real Estate Industry guides about methods of sale and signing contracts that protect you
  • Property advice for an emergency home makeover if you need one
  • Where to get the most accurate property valuations 

By using our service, you will have an advantage over other home sellers with competing properties for sale.

Request a shortlist of real estate agents or call 0800 789 532 for urgency - we're here to help.

Article updated June 1, 2021 | Trish Willis

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