We can provide you with the formula and resources that helps sell houses quickly.

For almost a decade, most of our clients have sold in half the average timeframe for their area.

Many get multiple offers and better than expected sale prices. For confirmation of this, you can see many Agent Finder Reviews from clients here.

Sell Smarter Kit Has the Formula

There are many Kiwis who have little experience selling a house, let alone selling one quickly without compromising the sale price.

Too many home sellers put the value of their property into the hands of a real estate agent they know barely anything about. Once they're in the door, it can be hard to say no.

You don't know what you don't know if you're light on experience, which is why we developed, the Sell Smarter Kit. 

Following the formula contained in our unique Kit has proven to be a major contributor to receiving such glowing reviews. You can download this Sell Smarter Kit  for free, from any page on this website.

The combination and sequence of steps in this Kit along with the advice and tips, changes how vendors approach selling a property. 

As L McKenzie wrote: "Thank you for having such a fantastic site. It was so good to get advice and your help. We feel sure we were able to give the process due diligence knowing we were working with good agents who met your criteria."

Get Started With These Useful Resources

Here's a taster of the topics that are included in the Kit and for inexperienced sellers in particular, this will give you more insight, confidence and optimism about embarking on the sale of your home.


The fate of the sale hangs on your decisions!

The Agent Finder Sell Smarter Kit covers all of these topics and more. Download your free copy by completing the form to the right of this page. 

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