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Sold for more than we had hoped for

"We have now sold our house at a really good sale price, higher than what he had hoped for. We thank you very much for your advice, it has worked out very well for us, and our real estate agent was very efficient in getting the job done. We will, and have, recommended Agent Finder NZ to other people considering selling their property."

Lis and Peer, Whanganui

Sold for more than we had hoped for

Recommended Agents Were A Great Find

The real estate agents you referred are just so easy to relate to.

They have done a wonderful job and their communication at present is faultless.

Thank you once again for your assistance - we are definitely spreading the word about your real estate company Agent Finder NZ.

Lyn Hankey | Hawke's Bay

Recommended Agents Were A Great Find

Sold in 7 days

I want to thank you very much for your help in finding the perfect real estate agent, and for your kind concern with follow-up support messages.

A great result as far as I am concerned and I could never recommend you highly enough for the wonderful real estate service you provide to sellers.

W Elliott | Glendene

Sold in 7 days

Stood out from other agents

Your real estate agent referral answered all my husband's questions before he even asked them.

He also brought up points we hadn't considered and we both felt far more confident with them than any other real estate agent.

So many thanks for your advice and recommendations.

J.S | Christchurch

Stood out from other agents

Sold in 21 days

The Auckland Agent Finder process was very helpful. It was a seamless way for us to review several Auckland real estate agents quickly. It was particularly helpful since we were in quite a time crunch and not overly familiar with the NZ real estate process.

The real estate agents we selected were very responsive, provided good information and were comfortable and easy to get along with.

K Greep | Auckland & USA

Sold in 21 days

Sold in 18 days

Delighted with the Agent Finder service as my family had no idea which real estate agent to choose. 

We all live in various parts of the country so having a professional, unbiased selection of three vetted real estate agents was a brilliant place to start.

The chosen real estate agent was extremely knowledgeable about the area and his profession.  None of us felt pressured and felt confident from the get-go that he would achieve our desired results. 

Gay | North Shore

Sold in 18 days

Sold in 22 days

Our real estate agent was everything you said!

So friendly, professional and took the time to listen and guide us through the whole process.

I will definitely be recommending Agent Finder to any friends or collegues that intend to sell their homes in the future.

Thank you so much for your part in this sometimes stressful endeavour, selling a family home.  You offer a great real estate advisory service, thank you again.

P Gallear | Tauranga

Sold in 22 days

Sold in 35 days

It was 25 years since we sold a house, and Agent Finder NZ gave us great information and direction throughout the process of finding a real estate agent. 

We will most certainly recommend Agent Finder NZ to anyone we know selling property.

T & J Mitchell | Mairehau

Sold in 35 days

NZ's Only Real Estate Agent Vetting Service &
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Don't Let Real Estate Agents Pressure You – Find The Best Agent For You

Vetting real estate agents and combining this with due diligence resources can make tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of difference to the sale of your property. We know this because our clients tell us so.

Real estate agents are the information gate keepers when it comes to selling a property and some are more effective than others. It is relatively easy to become a real estate agent and there are over 15,000 of them in New Zealand. With this comes risk, and that’s why Agent Finder exists. When selling your house, we help find the best real estate agent for you...

The Agent Finder Vetting Services Are Free

Thousands of home sellers have turned to Agent Finder because we understand the whole picture from a seller’s perspective...Learn more ›

We provide a free, bespoke service, independent of all buying and selling real estate brands. We tailor our service based on you, your selling experience, your property type and location. This approach works best because no two properties or vendors are the same and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when selling real estate.

Empower Yourself Throughout the Property Selling Process

A decade of helping vendors prepare to sell their houses has taught us many things. Selling your home or investment with a professionally vetted real estate agent completely changes the selling experience.

First off, what we always notice with clients is that their mentality is completely different. They are empowered by the knowledge that they have gained through our core industry resources about real estate appraisals, valuations, fees, commission, and how to sell a house quickly at an optimum price. There is an obvious shift from a feeling of dread to feeling in control and optimistic about their upcoming property sale. The combination of these factors also leads to better decision-making by the seller.

This is the only real estate agent vetting service and due diligence information hub in New Zealand. Agent Finder is the safest place to start the real estate process. Get in touch with us by calling 0800 789 532 or use our online contact form.

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