Whether selling apartments, town houses, homes, tenanted properties, deceased estates, lifestyle blocks and farms or commercial properties, each and every property requires its own specific plan for achieving an optimal result.

Having advised Kiwis about preparing to sell different property types for over 12 years and most selling in half the average sale time frames, we are well positioned to guide you, all at no cost.

There is no one size fits all when selling real estate and we recommend vendors become more informed when selling different property types.

For example, knowing what preparation and documentation collation is required, correctly targetting marketing and advertising to ensure any investment in this is spent where it should be, understanding commission fee structures and comparing real estate companies and agents to ensure they have the in-house resources and expertise you and your buyers will need to complete a property, business or farm sale.

For the same reason a business would not employ a CEO to manage a high value company because of a personal recommendation, neither should vendors choose a property agent tasked with managing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for your property this way. 

The value of taking a 'vetting approach' to matching and selecting a suitable property agents or business brokers cannot be underestimated and having a national overview of the real estate industry, we can certainly guide you in the right direction.

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Find out how much it costs to sell a residential property in New Zealand.


Real estate agents and companies all have expertise in different property types and choosing the right one can add thousands, often hundreds of thousands depending on the property type, to the sale outcome.

Conversely, the wrong choice of real estate agent could end up costing you dearly.

For instance a residential property zoned for development is very different in the type of real estate insider knowledge required. Investor buyers will have different agendas, criterion and yield formulas for assessing the feasibility of an investment in such a property. Therefore real estate agents need to have indepth understanding of selling such properties either way - to a residential buyer wanting a home or a developer wanting to invest.

Selling an apartment where unit titles and body corporates come into play is another ball game requiring solid knowledge of the legal structures and often tenancy laws if rented. Leaky apartments add another dimension to this.

Understanding how to get the most money when selling a deceased estate could add thousands to your bank balance, while selling a rental property may or may not come with tenants as occupants and should be handled tactfully.

Lifestyle blocks can sit on the market unless the unique circumstances surrounding them are properly understood - our 12 years of expertise in finding the right real estate agents for people has clearly shown there is a right way and a wrong way to sell a lifestyle property.

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Some properties should be marketed to international buyers to reach expats, investors and buyers in Singapore and Australia. These properties require specialist international real estate agents with the networks, knowledge of Government policies and marketing to reach the right type of buyers in what is a more limited buyer pool. The work and expertise required for off-shore buyers is often complex and relevance of real estate firms and agents cannot be underestimated.

There are numerous marketing platforms available in New Zealand that are under-utilised in our view. These are designed to target specific audiences relevant to your property type and value, and is something we can advise you about when you get in touch. 

Before you engage a real estate agent, perhaps the first one that pops into your head, or the one that sells the most properties - which contrary to what people might think, is not necessarily the agent that will get you the best price.

We have specialised in vetting real estate agents for over 12 years for vendors with many different property types so they can compare objectively, ask the right questions and choose the agency that is the best fit for them.

Request a bespoke shortlist of vetted real estate agents for your property - a genuine free service in NZ. 

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