When selling a house, it is generally accepted that home staging can add 10-15% to a sale price and influence a much faster sale.

Home staging creates the dream home in all price ranges and helps buyers to visualise how they could arrange their furniture. For selling purposes it is intended to appeal to the masses but with coordinated flair and style - to have the greatest impact on as many buyers as possible.

It is then, that a real estate agent must have your marketing pack of information completed and ready to distribute when a buyers interest is at its peak. 

It is vital to find the best real estate agent by comparing two or three, then carefully scrutinsing their market appraisals. Property appraisers must base their recommended price ranges on facts and data but can factor in the impact home staging along with any other features it has.

You can use this free checklist for getting a property appraisal.

Home staging a house creates more interest, buyer competition, faster sales and higher prices.

Staging a home for sale is one of the most effective, least expensive marketing strategies and we encourage all vendors to either re-style their existing furnishings or completely home stage an empty property using a home staging company.

Quality photographs are the only things that will connect a buyer to your property (or not) when scanning property websites so make it work for you - you only have a split second to make that first impression to be impactful.


Photo by Spacejoy on UnsplashHome Staging an empty property can transform a house from being ordinary to extraordinary, making it stand out from competing properties for sale in the area.

It also helps buyers to better visualise how much room is available and how to work the spaces with their own furnishings.

Hiring a home staging company might cost you $2000 for four-five weeks, but might make you $50K or more in a sale price.

Real estate agents themselves are often taken aback by how much more they can achieve in a sale price with home staging. Many estimate 10-15% more than expected.

Investing in home staging makes it harder for other lived-in homes to compete because of the higher volume of interest it arouses. We can provide you with a directory of home stagers in your location or it can be completely coordinated by your real estate agent.


Selling real estate is a very competitive market with sellers all vying for the same buyers in your area and price range.

A home makeover is free to do, gets quick results and is always worth doing. It is the most effective way of getting onto a buyer's short list of properties to view.

You intend moving your furnishings anyway, so up-style every room the best you can and start storing any excess furnishings.

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Every time a home seller misses out a part of the selling formula, such as home presentation, they weaken their sales’ strategy and their price potential.

Home Staging or Home Styling are among the most powerful real estate marketing tools. They are all about getting the best price and also achieve fast sales

Just do it - it's always worth it.

Here is an overview of real estate commission fees in New Zealand.

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