When selling a house, an investment, a lifestyle block or a farm in New Zealand, every vendor is entitled to competence. Our vetting of licensed real estate agents using a stringent criteria is what establishes that competence - all at no cost, so you can be assured about choosing the most suitably qualified agent and agency.

Once our vetting process is complete, we send you a shortlist of real estate agents proven to have integrity and the capability to achieve an optimal result for you.

This is always tailored to individuals/families, property types, values and expectations and streamlines all your due diligence to help you make important decisions about signing agency contracts, methods of sale, commission fees, advertising costs and much more - all at no cost. You can find out more about commission fees in New Zealand here.

You can then compare estate agents and their real estate agencies impartially and with greater assurance that you're dealing with licensed agents whose performance has been scrutinised prior. The value of this to sellers cannot be under estimated.

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Every real estate agency has its own systems and rules for:

  • the standard real estate appraisals which include market appraisal values
  • client care and services, communication and problem-solving
  • industry compliance with the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 and training of sales people and agents
  • agent recruitment policies
  • negotiating real estate commission and fees

Helping you to do your due diligence by comparing real estate agencies is why Agent Finder NZ was founded in 2009, so this is an area we take a great interest in when vetting and comparing real estate agencies.

We also include important industry resources to assist you with numerous decisions you will need to make throughout the whole process of selling your property. These are all part and parcel of our service and provided completely free.

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Clients report that using our freely available Agent Questionnaire also helps them to quickly compare and establish the best real estate agents suited to them, their property type, price range, situation and timeframe. View their reviews here.

It's comprehensive and centralises all the information you'll need to be fully informed about the whole process, including obtaining property appraisals and how to compare them.

When selling a property, we can provide you with greater confidence in the knowledge that you are only comparing those who have been vetted and proven capable of negotiating the best outcome for you.

This process reduces your risk of choosing unsuitable real estate agent, ensures you are fully informed and will have an optimum real estate experience.

Find out how the questionnaire can benefit you or send enquiry.


Every contract or legal document you read or sign needs to be interpreted and understood, in the event that clauses need to be added or deleted, and to ensure the dates and amounts are accurate.

There are multiple legal documents about property and ownership; titles, LIMS, PIMS, boundaries, covenants, codes of compliance, and many more. 

On top of that, you’re likely to be dealing with signing agency agreements, and sale and purchase agreements involving hundreds of thousands - or millions - of dollars.

When entering into a contract with a real estate agent, you should be confident that they have a comprehensive knowledge of technical and legal property documentation. The importance of this is not to be underestimated and is certainly something we are particular about.


14+ years of service to NZ vendors has given us a great deal of insight and experience into what vendors need when selling a property. We know what positively influences a satisfying real estate experience and result. 

Conversely, we are also well aware of what hinders a real estate experience. 

"I was over the moon with the sale price we achieved, but more importantly the whole real estate process has been stress free! We found our real estate agent to be outstanding in his professionalism.
Thank you so much for recommending him to me... I was beginning to think that I was going to have a bit of a nightmare on my hands with after spending a week talking with some other real estate agents who were selling in the area.
Thank you for your agent recommendations". Jo | Manakau City

If you think comparing real estate agents from a vetted shortlist will help - send an enquiry below - it's a genuine free service.

Page updated December 11, 2024 | Trish Willis | Member of Property Institute of NZ (IPAC) & Awarded Property Advisor of the Year 2023

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