October 22, 2022 - We have 12+ years of real estate reviews by Kiwis who have come to us for help selling their properties on our testimonials page.  We are a service dedicated to helping Kiwis prosper from their property sales by scrutinising real estate companies and agents.

We understand the issues facing sellers and have developed entrepreneurial solutions to preventable problems too often encountered by sellers. Examples include real estate agents over-estimating property appraisals to incentivise you to sign an agency agreement or pressuring vendors to make decisions that will effect their lives and equity. 

We have listened, conducted research, consulted with authorities, innovated and monitored data. Agent Finder NZ is a specialist service focussed 100% on serving NZ real estate consumers.

There have been approximately 1300 official complaints about real estate agents lodged in the last three years - don't become a statistic.

Thinking ahead and making the real estate environment a safer space and easier to navigate is what we do, all from one place.

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Different property types often require real estate agents with specific types of expertise. For instance, marketing a property in Auckland zoned under the unitary plan for development is different to marketing a home elsewhere. Without the right real estate agent, opportunities that could vastly change the outcome of a sale could be missed.

The same goes for selling a lifestyle block or an apartment, industrial or investment properties. This is another reason we vet agents for people - to ensure they get the best possible property agent for their location and property type.
Another category that requires specific agent expertise is in the marketing of eligible properties to international buyers. Expats, Singaporeans and Australians are exempt from the recent Overseas Investment Office change of policy, so attracting overseas interest is no less important than previously.

International real estate agents have expertise in handling multi-million dollar deals and other aspects of these sales.



The financial and emotional value of being a properly informed seller and having your property marketed by an astute, vetted and licensed professional operating in what is considered one of the most mistrusted industries cannot be underestimated.

Our service prioritises this for every client.

We also help keep the agents at bay until you're ready to proceed.


In addition, we help you to do your due diligence with ease, all from one place, at the speed that works for you.

Due diligence is not exactly the same for every property or seller, so we tailor our services to ensure you are equipped with the right information when you most need it.

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Agent Finder NZ Awards:

  • Best Estate Agent Vetting Service New Zealand 2018
  • Best Property Advice Hub New Zealand 2021

Article updated October 20,, 2022 | Trish Willis | Member of the Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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