Retirement Villages & Seniors both win with Selling Kit

Converting the interest of a senior citizen downsizing, to become a new resident, is often a challenge for Retirement Villages.

The greatest fear that seniors face, is selling their beloved homes, which is most often necessary to afford the purchase.

Having a decade of working with the elderly downsizing, we have created a friendly Kit, that helps prepare and empower them throughout the whole selling process.


As one senior citizen recently messaged: 'Huge thanks and accolades to Agent Finder for helping me find a real estate agent. I cannot speak highly enough of the great service from you and your site, that I have been so lucky to have experienced. The Good Lord is certainly looking after me

The real estate agent sold my house unconditionally within 7 days!'


Seniors selling their beloved homes is a heavy burden (and often a health risk), so the shorter the timeframe to sell, the easier it is for them.

  • We work collaboratively with our clients and those they trust like lawyers, family members or friends.
  • The client via their lawyer, family or retirement village helping them, all have access to our free agent vetting service.
  • We provide a helpful Questionnaire to help ensure agents are asked all the right questions and nothing is omitted.
  • Our advice will help ensure the home gets sold for the very best price in the shortest amount of time. 
  • Vetting real estate agents that meet our stringent criteria across five categories is carried out in a bespoke way
  • We advise (and/or their families) tactfully, how to prepare their homes for sale. You can see some before and after makeovers here.
  • We can be a 'support person' throughout the selling process

The additional benefit of the role we play is the independent reviewing of real estate agent conduct. The pressure we place on the industry increases accountability and helps all real estate consumers, and particularly older folk.


Older folk are a generation of trusting citizens, needing to sell their homes in a highly digital, fast changing and mistrusted real estate environment.

Embarking on the real estate process and finding the right agent for them, is something senior citizens are ill-prepared for. Many have never sold a property at all.

There is much researched and written about the financial abuse of Senior Citizens. Real estate is no exception in our experience.

These issues make senior citizens the most vulnerable and at risk of all real estate demographics in our view.  For urgent help or more information Get In Touch.


We have presented to many Senior Citizens at Probus, Rotary, Widows and Widowers and numerous other groups and clubs over the years so we have a firm grasp on the issues senior citizens face when downsizing.

We also have many reviews from those who have used the Agent Finder NZ service. 

After selling her home also in seven days for a fantastic price, Mrs Elliot of Auckland recently sent this message:

'I want to thank you very much for your help in finding the perfect agent, and for your kind concern with follow-up support messages. A great result as far as I am concerned and I could never recommend you highly enough for the wonderful service you provide' 

If you have a client who wants to downsize to your retirement village, we can help them make informed decisions. It's the safest way and it's easy - just get in touch by free phone 0800 789 532 or email  

There are no forms to fill in and a real person at the end of the phone.

Click here if you want to know more about who we are.  See what this Senior Citizen client had to say about us here and this one here.

Agent Finder is a no obligation and genuinely free service.

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