When selling a lifestyle property, you will already know that each one has its own unique selling points, quirks, legal descriptions and challenges such as easements, covenants, bores, pump houses and boundaries to name a few. 

A lifestyle sale can be more complex, often unexpectedly so, requiring a skill level and experience in this type of property.

It is wise to request two to three property appraisals so you can compare their service standards, agents, appraisals, marketing strategies, commission and fees and most importantly, the estimate of value they provide. 

We specialise in vetting lifestyle agencies for sellers by providing you with a tailored shortlist who meet our criteria.

Our expertise is in scrutinising the many property agencies and agents in your district/region, to identify who has the greatest capacity to attract the best offers from lifestyle property buyers - from near and far, preferably in a competitive offer situation. This is the ultimate situation to reach an optimum sale price.

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Sometimes, just at the very end of the real estate process when you think you have a done deal, it falls over. This is often caused by an administration error by the real estate agency.

Reasons why lifestyle properties become difficult to sell include inaccurate property appraisals or unrealistic vendor price expectations, poor presentation, poor marketing or inquiry follow-up by a real estate agent. 

There could be code of compliance issues, bore pump, easement or boundary issues with neighbours. The reasons are varied and often technical. how to choose a lifestyle agency

As you prepare to interview property agencies, be aware there is information specific to lifestyle blocks that you should check before signing a real estate agency agreement and we are happy to help support you through this process.


A property agency must have systems and policies in place to conduct the sale of your lifestyle property without errors. This begins with the accuracy of an appraisal (market value) to interpreting legal documents and supporting you with meeting the conditions in the sale and purchase agreement. 

Often things go wrong in real estate deals and often for the silliest of reasons that are totally preventable. Real estate agencies must have systems in place so you can have confidence that their agents are on their guard throughout the whole process. 

A solid grasp of all the legalities involved is essential and limited knowledge of legal documentation can be dire for both you and your buyer. Examples include LIMS, PIMS, Easements, Bores, Survey Plans, Titles or Taxation Payable.


A decade of helping Kiwis to sell lifestyle blocks has proven to Agent Finder NZ that selling them a second time around because they failed to sell the first time they were listed turns them into one of the hardest of all properties to sell.

Getting it wrong can be very costly in the end, so do it right the first time.

For these reasons, we can't stress strongly enough that you will require the skills of a specialist lifestyle property agent who has been vetted and proven competent in selling lifestyle properties. Someone outstanding in their field and of good character.

Read some client reviews from Rolleston, Christchurch, Auckland and the Coromandel.


There is no one-size-fits-all which is why we have been specialising in vetting lifestyle property real estate agents for vendors selling all types, from small to luxury lifestyle properties since 2009, all at no cost.

Some lifestyle properties are more proactively marketed to international buyers which can help increase buyer inquiries.

Ms Weston's commendation: 

'Thanks so much for all this information and the leg work you have done, wonderful!  We are thrilled we have found your real estate company and the service you offer, it's been a weight off my shoulders.

Many thanks. R. Weston 


Data collated by us since 2009 has identified a number of 'risk indicators' that help to predict which properties will most likely be difficult to sell, and which ones should sell for an optimum price, within a good time frame. 

If a lifestyle property meets more than one of the 'risk indicators', this can make the viability of a sale, even when remarketed with a competent property agency second time around, a waste of investment in time and money.

If you are intending to list your lifestyle property, doing your due diligence now will help prevent you from having to relist a second time around, which can end up being disheartening and very expensive.


selling a lifestyle property

Things can go wrong but things do go right, especially when a vetted property agent has been engaged for a specific lifestyle property sale they were short listed for. 

We not only vet property agents, but we equip you with information that empowers you to make smarter decisions about selling your lifestyle property for the highest sale price.

With that comes resources that also protect you from things going wrong.

Our advice will also include:

  • Taking steps to protect yourself from being liable for two commissions to two different agencies

  • Understanding the type of agency agreement contract you are signing up for

  • Being aware of the different commission rates for rural, lifestyle and residential agency agreement contracts

Don't underestimate the value of this information - it can make a significant difference to both your experience and your equity and we can help you with this.

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Page updated: September 15, 2021 by Trish Willis, Director of Agent Finder NZ (2009)

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