The sale of your luxury home or lifestyle block will require the expertise of a proven real estate agent in your price range to conduct the sale effectively to completion, and at a sale price planned for. 

Many people don't realise that the most challenging stage of the real estate process for real estate agents is the period between getting a signed sale and purchase agreement and settlement.

Initial preparation by the vendor, including choosing an agent, will set the foundation for a successful result so it's important to understand what to look for and expect of a luxury real estate agent.

The devil is in the detail so be prepared.


When preparing to sell a luxury home, it is vital to use a vetted, experienced real estate agent proven competent in this field. For example, they should:

  • know how to reach international buyer networks.
  • be able to handle what will be a multi-million-dollar deal – sometimes via an international phone call.
  • be able to navigate a complex property sale process and all the associated digital administration pre and post getting a sale and purchase agreement signed.
  • have a high level of tact, communication and confidence when negotiating with high value buyers and their lawyers or trustees.
  • have a high level of attention to sale and purchase contract details, dates, amounts, clauses, amendments and signatures of all owners.
  • understand how to sell a property being sold or purchased by a trust.
  • have knowledge of current New Zealand immigration policies.
  • understand New Zealand taxation policies relating to capital gains.
  • be able to advise on exchanging money and Stamp Duty.
  • ensure anti-money laundering laws are adhered to.

The ultimate position for a vendor to be in is having multiple offers from competing buyers. Learn more about this.


Selling luxury real estate is different from selling any other type of property.

We can guide you through the whole real estate process to help ensure you are properly informed about each step until the deal is sealed.

We can provide you with a shortlist of vetted property agents, specific to your property type, value and location. Doing so can make a big difference to your end result - the sale price.

We've been advising vendors about selling luxury homes for over 10 years. Request a shortlist or call 0800 789 532 to discuss first.


Luxury homes are characterised by quality, refinement, and exclusivity. Although the definition may vary by market, one thing luxury properties have in common is the price tag. 

When embarking on your property sale, establishing the sale price range starts with a real estate appraisal by an agent proven competent to do so. The question is who will do this most important job and have the competencies to complete the sales process?

Property agents are required to use relevant data and combine this with the unique qualities and location of the property which may be residential or a lifestyle block.

Because luxury properties sell for millions of dollars, the room for financial error if the sale is mishandled is far more pronounced than for everyday properties.

The cost of getting it wrong can be life changing but again, is something we can help you with by vetting and shortlisting suitable real estate agents for you to compare.

Request a shortlist of luxury real estate agents first


The accuracy of your market appraisal sets the foundation for all your subsequent real estate decisions. That’s why getting 2-3 market appraisals then comparing them can be a valuable process to help you make the right decision about your agent and agency choice.

Some luxury homes can be difficult to put a price tag on so many are marketed with no price. Buyers in the luxury market are not generally perturbed by no price marketing.

Your property agent will liaise with you about this and make a recommendation for which method of sale would best achieve that price.


It is important that your luxury real estate agent works closely with you and for you, but also with your potential buyers.

A good real estate agent starts selling your property in subtle ways from the first conversation they have with buyers. Many real estate agents are not suited to this type of property sale.

Luxury home buyers are a much smaller subsection of the real estate market so any qualified potential buyers must be managed with integrity, care and insight to bring the sale over the line with the highest possible price within a good time frame.


There are a number of ways luxury homeowners can safeguard against things going wrong.

1. Work with a real estate agent who has experience in the luxury market.

2. Have the property professionally home staged.

3. Ensure you have an accurate property appraisal

4. Photographs and videos should mirror the home in terms of quality and price bracket

5. Marketing should be expertly done and reach the international buyer pool.
Agent Finder NZ specialises in finding, vetting and short listing high end real estate agents who are experienced in selling luxury homes and can manage all of the above for you.
We have helped a number of sellers find the best luxury home real estate agents in their location. You can read a review here.

Agent Finder NZ will:

  • ensure you get the best high-end luxury home real estate specialists.

  • put you in touch with proactive companies that target qualified buyers in your price range.

  • help you get the most accurate valuation and ensure your property goes on the market in the right price bracket.

  • advise you about the specific sequence of steps that will get you well positioned before going to market.

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