We have created this guide to step you through the process of selling a property, including getting property appraisals, hiring real estate agents, marketing, signing a sale and purchase agreement and getting legal advice.

See our Buying & Selling Made Easy flowchart below for an easy to grasp picture of the selling a house process.

It centralises the most reputable Government and non-Government property information in one easy to find place, covering property valuations, tax, building inspections, real estate commission and more to help you be better prepared than most other vendors to achieve the best possible sale price.

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There are only five steps, each requiring a small number of actions that will help you adequately plan and ensure you achieve an optimum result and overall experience. 

Our Buying & Selling Made Easy guide to the process of selling a house covers:

1. Preparation, how much commission will cost and how to reach a prime sale price.

2.  How to compare real estate agents and choose the best one for your property type and location.

3.  Approving a marketing plan, sale and purchase agreements and negotiations with buyers.

4.  Understanding all the legal documents.

5.  The process of buying your next house including different property types.

Whatever type of property you have we can direct you to the information you need at the time you most need it. 

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We vet real estate agents for home sellers for free as it's a proven way to make sure you get the best possible price in the shortest timeframe.

Finding a real estate agent - Finding the right real estate agent can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We specialise in vetting licensed, competent real estate agents who are the best for your property type, value and location. 

Interviewing property agents - Find out more about interviewing real estate agents using our Agent Questionnaire, a process which will help you get off on the right foot. Questions you should ask vary for different property types, for instance whether your property is zoned for development, or is a lifestyle block, an apartment or a rental property.

Getting and comparing property appraisals - When you have 2-3 free property appraisals from the vetted agents we have short listed for you, you can compare them, including how they propose to achieve the best sale price for you. Appraisals should include an explanation of the method of sale and what marketing they recommend, and it's a legal requirement they be in writing. Take your time to consider these.

Signing an agency agreement - Once you have decided on a real estate agent, you sign an Agency Agreement and sign off on the commisson fee. Make sure you check the commission and the term of contract. Both are negotiable. 

We know our agent vetting process works - because we get so much positive feedback - see our many testimonials from happy sellers.

Request a shortlist of vetted licensed agents in your area.


Marketing and advertising - Your real estate agent will provide you with an itemised marketing and digital advertising plan with associated costs. Subsequent amendments should be signed off by you. The process of marketing a property

Photography - Once your property is ready to show buyers, the agent will organise a professional photographer. The photos play a big role in attracting potential buyers to come and view the property.

Website content - Your real estate agent will enter the property details into the various real estate sales websites. They must enter a sale price range to ensure it finds the right market - even if the price is not visible to the buyer - so be clear about what that is at the outset.

Open homes or private viewings - Discuss your preference with your agent.

Communication with your real estate agent - Agents should provide you with regular reports regarding enquiries and what action they will take to move the sale along, especially after buyer viewings.

If you choose no price marketing such as auction or tender, ask your agent whether they will disclose any price guide to buyers. How will they handle questions about the price? 


Getting a sale - Your real estate agent will present buyers' offers to you on a Sale and Purchase Agreement. Your lawyer should check it prior to signing.

Get moving - Changing your address for utilities like phone, power and gas, and Government services like Inland Revenue is now very streamlined online. When you're ready, we can provide you with a Moving Checklist.

Buying your next property - If buying another property, we can provide you with a guide that's designed to protect you.

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Article updated April 6, 2023 by Trish Willis - Agent Finder NZ director | Member of the Property Institute of NZ (IPAC)

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